The Woke Virus is a Global Threat

The Woke virus is the greatest threat to civilization today, it has the potential to wipe out freedom everywhere. In Woke Culture: Its Origins and Agendas, it was described, how the Woke Culture, hiding behind a smoke screen of social justice, attacks and cancels anyone who questions their agendas. Their goal is to eliminate opposing voices and force everyone to agree with them, to achieve ideological conformity.

The goals of the woke culture are: eliminate the nuclear family and Christianity, abolish our constitution and Capitalism, turn children transgender and eliminate the gender binary (man-woman). They want to divide Americans, by making victims and oppressors out of everyone, they want to defund law enforcement and let violent criminals out of jail, while refusing to prosecute crimes, allow open and unlimited immigration, cancel private property and personal possessions, re-write history, cancel books and movies and promote moral depravity.

That is a long list of radical agendas, that reads like they were dreamed up by some unhinged, or mentally ill people. But its deadly serious, the Woke Culture has already permeated all aspects of society: politics, academia, media, entertainment and big business.

On the political spectrum, Wokeness corresponds with the Far Left, or “Progressives”. In the 1960’s, all eyes were on the Communist party in the US. Their agendas were exposed and they rebranded themselves as Progressives, to mislead the public. The Far Left constitute a minority in Congress, but they hold sway over President Biden and the administration’s policies have reflected “progressive” agendas since his inauguration. Most politicians on either side of the aisle are too complacent and don’t push back against the Radicals.

Starting in the 90’s, curricula changed at college campuses and became politicized. Teaching methods began to be based on issues relating to race, class and gender. Students were taught that the United States is a racist, bigoted country. This is Identity Politics and it is based on Marxist ideology. Marxism masquerades as social justice, but its real intent is to divide and polarize Americans. The educational institutions, that were once the bastions of free speech, have been stifling free speech, radicalizing students and indoctrinating them into the Marxist victim – oppressor mentality.

Those, who control the flow of information have tremendous influence on public opinion. The potential, that the media has for controlling people’s minds, was discovered a century ago and has been perfected since. Nearly all of the Mainstream media and the Big Tech social media companies are promoters of the Woke culture. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google claim to uphold free speech, but they delete content, deplatform their users and deem anything “false information”, that doesn’t agree with their woke agenda.

“In The Future, You Won’t Own Anything and You’ll be Happy” is a slogan we’ve been seeing in the media. No details have been given by the woke millionaire celebrities, or star athletes, that broadcast the message, or whether they are willing to give up their Hollywood Hills mansions to lead by example.

When people don’t own anything, they depend on the government for everything and they are no longer in control of their lives. This is why communism doesn’t allow private property and that is the reason behind this campaign. Taking personal possessions by force would meet resistance, so they are brainwashing people to consent to it.

Since the defund the police movement began in the summer of 2020, crime increased significantly in every major US city. Shootings are up 79% in Chicago, homocides are up 93% in Minneapolis and a whopping 800% in Portland. Every week there is yet another report of a black child having been shot. Defunding law enforcement hurts those, living in the inner city most, the people, that the Woke Culture claims to care about.

At the same time, “progressive” prosecutors care more about criminals, than the victims and refuse prosecute for minor crimes, like shoplifting. Recently elected woke Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon announced his plans for releasing 75000 inmates out of jail early, that committed violent crimes.

In the San Francisco Bay area, 11 Wallgreen locations closed down, because shoplifters were walking in and out of their stores freely. The Woke Culture wants lawlessness and anarchy, because in order to “remake society” in their own image, which means creating a socialist/communist state, first the existing system needs to be destroyed.

This is also the real reason why monuments were torn down, totalitarian regimes always re-write history. Once people forget their history, they no longer have a frame of reference and more inclined to accept what is imposed on them.

Open borders and unlimited immigration is another high priority for the Progressives woke culture. This is presented to the public, as a humanitarian act, giving those escaping violence and persecution a new home. The public is told, that walls are racist and therefore everyone has the right to freely enter the United States.

Two third of migrant women report sexual assault on the way, both women and children are at risk for abuse and rape. Children, as young as 4 year old are dropped off by the smugglers on US soil and left there alone. There is nothing “compassionate” about an open border policy. The real reason why woke progressives want to eliminate borders, is because the ultimate goal of Marxism is to create a global socialist state. In order to accomplish that, national sovereignties first must be eliminated. (the pedos in high places also need a steady supply of minors)

The Nazis had a special division, called the “brownshirts”. These thugs were tasked with enforcing the Nazi ideology, they disrupted the opposing parties meetings, bullied and intimidated the Germans into cooperation. Today in the United States, the Cancel Culture resembles the brownshirts, it is the enforcer of the Woke ideology. Those, who dare to think different, are canceled and their lives destroyed.

Even harmless cartoon characters, like the Prince kissing Snow White, has been deemed offensive by the Woke culture. And look, her last name is White! Good grief, that’s not diverse! Even more bizarre is that shows, like Cardi B’s “WAP”, grinding vaginas on national television is an accepted primetime family entertainment.

Absurdities, like these can be explained, when the curtain is pulled back and the true colors of the Woke Culture are revealed. Read a more detailed analysis of the Woke culture’s Marxist roots here.

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