Foreseen by the Founders

When reading quotes by the Founding Fathers, it is quickly noticed, how relevant many are to the affairs of our lives today. A slight alteration of wording makes their postulations fit the present time flawlessly.

The Founders knew how fragile the underpinnings of liberty were. In their prescience, they warned future generations of the dangers, that may befall the young republic.

Their words ring true two centuries later, because what they expressed with unease, has come to pass. Our civil liberties, individual freedoms and the “pursuit of happiness” are under assault from many angles today.

More than any other, Thomas Jefferson called attention to all that may expose the republic to peril in future times. The following are his quotes, with commentary on his predicaments.

“Nothing can now be believed, which is seen in the newspapers.

” The man who reads nothing at all, is better educated, than the one who reads the newspaper.”

It is hard to believe that there was so much misinformation already two hundred years ago, prompting Jefferson to make these statements.

When those, who control the media have an agenda, deceiving the populace by their carefully crafted narratives isn’t difficult.

With the invention of the television, internet and social media in more recent times, there are more opportunities than ever, to disseminate misinformation.

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” A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people, than a standing army.”

-“The end of democracy…..will occur when the government falls into hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

Abraham Lincoln issued a government currency, called the “Greenback”. He was assessinated soon after and the greenbacks were recalled.

By issuing the public currency, central banks hold a monopoly over the financial system. Money is transferred from the American people to the government and from the government to the banks.

Trillions of dollars are syphoned off the economy this way. The United States Federal Reserve is a private central bank, not part of the federal government, as its name suggests.

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“There is no justification for taking away individuals freedom in the guise of public safety”

— “Dependence leads to subservience”

Anyone said lockdown?

The “curve has flattened”, hospitals are closing their Covid departments, yet some states stubbornly refuse to even ease the lockdown.

“Protection” from a disease, a terrorist threat, an enemy, or an environmental disaster are often schemes, to get the public’s consent for implementing policies, that usually lead to curtailment of their freedom.

The more the people depend on the government for handouts, the easier they can be controlled.

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“The greatest good we can do for our country is to heal it’s party divisions and make them one people”

Yet another quote perfectly describing the present situation. Our society is more polarized, than ever and this no coincidence. There is strength in unity and weakness in divisions.

News coverage is designed to make people to take sides on every issue. This divides the population along political, racial, religious and gender lines.

In terms of political division, the typical voters on either side of the aisle aren’t that different. They share the same concerns: jobs, healthcare, education and so on. But the divisive, “us vs. them” rhetoric makes them seem vastly different.

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“The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate”

“The power of questioning – not simply believing – has no friends. Yet liberty depends on it”

“Simply believing” is indoctrination. That’s what education is today, it teaches to conform and to obey. “Questioning” is the opposite, it is thinking outside the box, or “critical thinking”.

Universities used to be the bastions of free speech. These days anyone with an opposing view is verbally and even physically attacked.

Anti-American, Marxist, “progressive” agendas have taken over academia. The freedom of speech is our most important civil right. If these conditions are considered progress, then this is an advance toward a totalitarian state.

Those, who are quick to accuse others of being fascists, are the fascists themselves.

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— “There is an evil which ought to be guarded against…the power of all corporations ought to be limited. The growing wealth acquired by them never fails to be a source of abuse”

The indefinite accumulation of wealth by corporations gives them far-reaching powers, now, as it did two centuries ago. Through lobbying and by controlling politicians, they influence public policy and further their own interests.

The richest man on the planet – Jeff Bezos – is worth $113 Billion. (3 month after writing this, his net worth is 196 B. benefiting from the pandemic, while the lines at the food banks are a mile long). Yet, Amazon’s gargantuan warehouses provide unsafe and grueling conditions for their workers, while the retail giant pays no federal taxes.

Jeff Bezos, like most of the other ultra rich elite – Bill Gates, Tom Steyer, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg – are self confessed liberals. Doesn’t liberalism stand for equality and fairness?

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