The “Golden Nebula”, the Photon Band

The Photon Band, also called the Photon Belt, or Manasic Ring, is an immense region of space, 760 billion mile wide. It is a toroidal, or ring shaped field of energy, giving out intense electromagnetic radiation. It is made up of Photons, which are defined as the smallest divisible unit of light energy. When astronomers … Continue reading The “Golden Nebula”, the Photon Band

The Ascension Process

[Image Credit: Kerbi /Devianart] The Ascension Process describes an important milestone in the evolutionary journey, it is an advancement, an elevation of consciousness that leads one from the individualized units of existence toward a universal, a divine state of being. Within the context of our human reality, ascension means going from the 3rd dimension to the … Continue reading The Ascension Process