Visions of the New Earth

When we consider the state of the world today, all the conflicts, wars, poverty, hunger, racial and ethnic tensions, it is hard to conceive that things will ever change.

However, what we are seeing is a process of rebirth, it is not the end, but a means to an end.

Instead of waiting for the world to change, the best course of action is to become pro-active. We can simply decide what we want to see in the world, hold that vision and manifest it through our own self devised efforts.

Turning off the television helps too, the media makes everything appear worse, than it is. Plus, when the viewers believe the propaganda they are shown, they help create that reality through the energy they emanate.

I am envisioning a New Earth, in which people live in peace and unity and in harmony with nature. The planet’s resources are shared equally and there is no need for money.

Competition is replaced by cooperation and the materialism that prevails in the world today gives way to a life, that is based on divine principles and a desire for spiritual development.

Zero emission technology is used for transportation and everything is recycled.                  There are no politics in the New Earth, as we know it. Humanity prospers, existing among its galactic neighbors, as a sovereign race.

The following are excerpts from the e-book: “Life in the New Age” by Michael Sartorius, which I find very inspiring.

“The layout of a typical country might possibly consist of up to a dozen Regions arranged on a loose grid pattern to allow easy and equal access between them. The individual Regions are well separated with plenty of natural wilderness in between; yet overall there is a comfortable feeling of “belonging” to one’s home Region, enhanced by the greater spacing between Regions.”

“There is now no population pressure on the New Earth, and the spirit of openness and friendliness makes of everyone an instant acquaintance.”

“Most rural villages are built in the form of sloped terraced housing, if possible built into the side of a low hill so as to blend “organically” into the natural environment. The overall effect is that of a natural hillside covered in greenery – in fact the organic blending of buildings with their natural surroundings is a major feature of New Age architecture.”

“The individual homes and their terrace-gardens are separated and given privacy by vertical-sloping dividers, double walls over three feet apart. These are filled with soil and planted with low trees and bushes, forming walls of greenery running up from almost ground level to the roof terrace at the base of the glass pyramid dome.”

“..all the necessary goods and services are provided in abundance, to high standards of quality, and at progressively reducing cost. This in turn results in part from the pervading spirit of goodwill, cooperation, dedication to service and fair trading.”

“There is leisure time in abundance in the New Age, and innumerable ways of spending it enjoyably. But learning and self-improvement is also considered highly important, and the New Earth’s new inhabitants seem to have an insatiable appetite for knowledge!”

“Government on the New Earth owes much to the experiences of past Earth history and draws upon the best of its ideals. But in essence it is radically different from anything known prior to the “Earth Changes” and this is due in no small part to the fundamental change in people’s attitudes to one another.”

“In the New Age people are living on Earth at a higher vibrational rate on a higher evolutionary plane. Their own minds, bodies and emotions now operate at the Fifth Dimensional Frequency, as does the physical world around them.”

Link to e-book:  Life in the New Age

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