All the problems in the world, poverty, hunger, wars, diseases, scarcity, racial and ethnic tension, are engineered. The public is being lied to, deceived, manipulated and exploited.

This is done by and benefits only a small group of ultra rich elite, that controls politicians and has its hands in almost all areas of our lives, corporations, governments, entertainment, education, finance and science.

Their power and influence lies in their ability to keep the public in the dark.

Therefore, the solution is information, the public needs to learn the truth.

In addition to uncovering and explaining various sociopolitical subjects, I also explore health and nutrition.

There are three reasons why this is important, health and wellness is one of them.

Secondly, the chemicals and toxins in the food supply are there on purpose, to damage people’s health. We have control over this, by changing our eating habits.

And thirdly, there are energetic changes occurring in our solar system, a healthy diet with its higher vibrations is needed to allow transformation to take place on a personal level.

I have no background in writing, I decided to do this, because these crimes against humanity have been committed for too long.

It is time for change, it is Time for Truth.