The ills the world: poverty, hunger, wars and regional conflicts, diseases, scarcity, racial and ethnic tension and inequalities are all engineered by a small group of ultra rich globalist elites. 

They have great power because they control all areas of our lives through politics, corporations, governments, the media, entertainment, education, finance and science. Their financial resources seem to be unlimited and have exotic technologies at their disposal. 

The public is deceived and manipulated through propaganda and education, that is designed to teach conformity and obedience. The power and influence of the ruling elite lies in their ability to keep the public in the dark.

For this reason, the solution is information. In order to take their power back, the people have to learn and understand how they are being controlled and exploited.

Most alternative news sources cover the daily news cycle, Time for Truth Blog is dedicated to uncovering and exposing the long term narratives, that are the sources of disinformation and deception.

These crimes against humanity must stop. it is time for change, it is Time for Truth.