The Ascension Process

[Image Credit: Kerbi /Devianart] The Ascension Process describes an important milestone in the evolutionary journey, it is an advancement, an elevation of consciousness that leads one from the individualized units of existence toward a universal, a divine state of being. Within the context of our human reality, ascension means going from the 3rd dimension to the … Continue reading The Ascension Process

Inflammation: The Silent Killer.

Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the body. The immune system recognizes pathogens, irritants, foreign substances and damaged cells. It releases white blood cells,  increases circulation and heat, creating an environment, in which the healing process can take place. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation starts rapidly and usually last a … Continue reading Inflammation: The Silent Killer.

Social Engineering and the Media

Is the way we experience life a mere coincidence, the result of spontaneous human evolution, or are there unseen forces at work, a “hidden hand”, creating an artificial construct that appears to us as normal and natural? If the latter was the case, there is no better invention for the controllers, than the television. It’s … Continue reading Social Engineering and the Media