From Democracy to Dictatorship in 3 Steps

The strategies by which tyrannical regimes were created throughout history, can be simplified in 3 steps. This process is now taking place in the United States, with step number 3 being implemented. Use a real, or staged event as a flashpoint. Blame and denounce your political opposition. Enact policies to eliminate dissent, until power is … Continue reading From Democracy to Dictatorship in 3 Steps

“There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

...and if you believe it, you are a brainwashed Trump supporter, a cultist and a domestic terrorist." This is the message we've been seeing in the mainstream media since the presidential election. When a political party labels its opponents terrorists and extremists, that is an agenda to suppress dissent and create a one party rule … Continue reading “There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

The Enemy Within: Part 2. Marxist Subversion of America

In Part 1. "Marxist Infiltration of America", it was described, how Cultural Marxism influenced the American culture and transformed society, by infiltrating and taking control of academia and other institutions in the United States. There are two areas of activities, in which the subversive, deceptive strategies are implemented. One is to attack traditions, such as the … Continue reading The Enemy Within: Part 2. Marxist Subversion of America

Propaganda and Our Reality

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society." "Those, who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society, constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country." Quote from the book: "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays | 1928 What we witness … Continue reading Propaganda and Our Reality

Manufacturing Consent: Fear and Social Control

Freedom is very important to people. The value placed upon it is such, that many have given their lives in their pursuit of freedom throughout history. But there is one circumstance, in which most people are willing to give up some of that freedom. When they are concerned about their safety, when they, or their … Continue reading Manufacturing Consent: Fear and Social Control

Finding Truth is the Solution

The information presented in the "Awareness" category of this blog uncovers truths, events and hidden agendas, that are human rights violations and crimes, committed against humanity. When someone first learns these facts, it can be shocking and upsetting. How could all this wrong doing take place? How can human beings be so evil against other … Continue reading Finding Truth is the Solution