From Democracy to Dictatorship in 3 Steps

The strategies by which tyrannical regimes were created throughout history, can be simplified in 3 steps. This process is now taking place in the United States, with step number 3 being implemented.

  1. Use a real, or staged event as a flashpoint.
  2. Blame and denounce your political opposition.
  3. Enact policies to eliminate dissent, until power is consolidated.

An examination of Hitler’s rise to power will illustrate how the strategy works. Adolf Hitler’s party was called: National Socialist German Workers Party, or the Nazi Party. It was a relatively unknown, small party when Hitler joined in 1919, with only 101 members.

Hitler’s oratory and propaganda skills and the onset of the Great Depression helped the party rise from obscurity to prominence. Between 1930-1933 the mood was grim in Germany, millions were out of work and the nation was humiliated after WWI. Hitler was able to tap into the anger and helplessness, felt by many voters.

At the July 1932 election, the Nazi Party received 37% of the votes, becoming the largest party – but not the majority – in the Parliament. The Communist Party received 14% of the votes. Hitler used propaganda and intimidation to gain power. The Nazi’s paramilitary wing, the “brownshirts” disrupted meetings of competing parties and beat up their supporters.

Hitler and other Nazis successfully directed the population’s anger against the Jews and the opposing parties. They effectively used propaganda to gain the support of millions of Germans, to facilitate persecution and genocide of Jews and other minorities.

In February, 1933, a fire broke out at the Reichstag, the Parliament building in Berlin. After an investigation, the German government accused a Dutch communist, named Marinus van der Lubbe of arson.

The attack was also attributed to communists in general and it was claimed to be a part of a communist ploy to take over Germany. An emergency decree was declared, that suspended civil rights and allowed Hitler to conduct mass arrests of communist leaders, including their Parliamentary delegates.

With their rivals gone, the Nazis became a majority in the Parliament. Following their seizure of power, Hitler established the “Ministry of Public Enlightenement and Propaganda”, to impose censorship and to communicate the Nazi message through art, films, books, radio and the press.

From this brief historical review, the 3 steps can be discerned as follows:

  1. The Reichstag fire was the the flashpoint, it created an excuse to suspend civil rights.
  2. The arson was blamed on the Nazi’s political opposition and attributed to everyone in that group.
  3. The enacted policies: censorship, propaganda and mass arrests allowed their consolidation of power.

The political climate in the United States is very similar to that, of 1933 Germany. Censorship is disguised, as “fact checking” and enforced behind the smoke screen of political correctness. Free speech is suppressed, by labeling differing views, as “hate speech”.

The cancel culture indicts people in the court of public opinion and destroys their lives. People are attacked on social media, for simply having different opinions. Many are “deplatformed” by Big Tech, that act as a judge, jury and executioner, while the corporate media calls those, who disagree with their narratives, extremists.

This is a concerted effort to attack free speech and criminalize thought. Under the guise of battling disinformation, the intent is to silence all critics, permenantly eliminate dissent and achieve ideological conformity, the hallmark of dictatorships.

History has shown, that the quickest way to tyranny is through censorship. That is why the freedom of speech is our most important constitutional right. If a person can be attacked for their free speech, then it can happen to anyone, thus, – “The Road to Tyranny is Paved with Words Lost to Censorship.”

In a move, that would make George Orwell proud, experts suggested that the Biden administration appoints a “reality czar”, to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism. The Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank in Washington suggested that a state run television network could be established, to battle conspiracy theories and extremist views.

Whose views would be deemed truthful by these self appointed arbiters of truth? And what gives them the right to be the ultimate voice of authority, over everyone else? Those, who dare to think for themselves, or don’t agree with the majority’s policies would be conveniently labeled as domestic terrorist, or white supremacists.

The trigger for increased censorship and the stepped up attack on conservatives was the siege of the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The media is using the event, as an opportunity to attack everyone on the political right and turn Americans on each other.

The Reichstag fire was a false flag attack. A false flag is a staged event, that is designed to deceive. Archived evidence shows, that the fire was ordered by the Nazis, to create a pretext for arresting and imprisoning their political opponents.

An in-depth analysis of the events at the US Capitol is beyond the scope of this article, but there are indications that it was planned. Eyewitnesses describe a smaller group, that broke away from the protesters and initiated the attack.

The same strategy was employed during the BLM protests in the summer of 2020, when paid agitators used the peaceful crowd as a cover, before going on a rampage. As a result, many people associated the rioting and looting with the protests, which delegitimized the movement for social justice.

An alleged “Trump supporter” in the Capitol.

The attackers got in the building easily, because capitol police let them in. The commander, that gave the order mysteriously died two days later. Several of the intruders were identified, as participants in some of the BLM protests. One of those, arrested is a known Antifa leader.

Brian Sicknick, a capitol police officer was supposedly “bludgeoned to death” by Trump supporters, with a fire extinguisher, but his autopsy found no signs of blunt forced trauma. The attack on the Capitol started 15 minutes into Trump’s speech, making it unlikely that his rhetoric inspired the siege and the media edited parts the speech out, where he urged the crowd to “be peaceful, be legal”.

There are many questions, that need to be answered. When the media labels those, who call for an investigation, conspiracy theorists, they do so to avoid scrutiny, because the results of such an investigation would not fit their narrative.

The goal of propaganda is to gain the public’s consent to this asssault on free speech. Once Americans believe that those, censored are domestic terrorists, a danger to society, the next step is to ratchet up the rhetoric and call for violence. In this video, the news anchor suggests using drone strikes on Trump supporters. This is how Germans were tricked and mislead by the Nazis.

Let us now see, how these actions fit into the 3 step scheme:

  1. The (likely) staged attack on the Capitol was the flashpoint.
  2. The siege is blamed on Trump supporters and attributed to all conservatives.
  3. The enacted policies: censorship, demonizing and calling for violence against the opposition are the ways to consolidate power.

Completing step 3. can take years, but once freedom is lost, there is no going back. The United States has always been the beacon of freedom for the rest of the world, “a shining city on the hill”, as Ronald Reagan put it. If America falls, the rest of the world won’t be far behind. We, as Americans need to stand together and make sure that this light will keep shining.

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