Reporting Bias in Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy

When the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were rolled out in December 2020, their claimed efficacy rate were 94 – 95%. But this is misleading and the 60% of new infections that were found among vaccinated persons just a few months later, by April 2021, confirmed this.

The way data from clinical studies are calculated and interpreted, can be confusing, even for health professionals. Here is a simplified representation of it:

Out of 100 vaccinated persons, 1 was found infected during the follow-up. In the placebo, or “control” group, there were 2 infections. 1:2 = 0.5 (50%), thus the results of the trial can be described, as 50% effective. This is called Relative Risk Reduction (RRR).

However, when the number of infections are compared to the total number of participants, the difference between the infection rates (1 out of 100 vs. 2 out of 100), is only 1%. In other words, those, in the placebo group were only at 1% higher risk for infection. This is called the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR).

The 94% and 95% claims by Pfizer and Moderna are the Relative Risk Reduction percentages. Their Absolute Risk Reduction figures were only 0.7% and 1.1%, but this was not disclosed to the public.

This maybe shocking to many people, but it’s nothing new. Pharmaceutical companies have always used this type of deceptive reporting, when advertising their prescription drugs. It is legal to publish the number for the Relative Risk Reduction only.

The United States is one of only two countries in the world, that allows the pharmaceutical companies to advertise their products directly to the consumers. The outcome of any clinical trial can be easily influenced, by omitting, or withholding data, that is deemed unfavourable.

Further evidence of the vaccine’s ineffectiveness was (unintentionally) provided by Dr. Fauci. The image below is a screenshot of one of the slides, he presented on April 12th, 2021 during the White house Covid task force press briefing.

The slide shows 3 independent trials, that were completed, the first entry is for Moderna. 11/14,134 means that 11 out of the 14,134 total participants in the vaccinated group were later found infected.

The placebo group had approximately the same, 11,073 participants. 185 infections were identified, 174 more, than in the vaccinated group. A cursory view of the data may show this, as a good result, but let’s see what the Absolute Risk Reduction is:

11 out of 14,134 = 0.078%. for the vaccinated group.

185 out of 14,073 = 1.32% for the control group.

1.32 – 0.078 = 1.243% | The vaccination in this trial reduced the risk of infection by only 1.243%.

In April 2021, 4 months after mass vaccinations began, reports of infections among vaccinated individuals started appearing.

“Clinicians have been telling me, that more than half of the new Covid cases that they are treating are people, who have been vaccinated.”

Dr. Harvey Risch, Epidemiologist, Yale University

CDC report | April 2021

By the end of April 2021, Israel vaccinated 60% of its population, South Africa only 0.3%, yet their numbers are nearly identical:

By July 2021, the Delta variant became the dominant strain. In the US, the media claimed this was the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”, but the data showed a different picture. The most vaccinated countries had the highest infection rates and the least vaccinated ones had the lowest, indicating high case numbers among the vaccinated:

By August, 95% of severe Covid patients in Israel are vaccinated, despite of the highest, 85% vaccination rate of the country.

Reports like these confirm, that the Covid vaccines aren’t as effective as the public was told and also suggest, that our innate immune system is under estimated. Our immune system can adopt to new strains within hours, when we are healthy. But there is so much talk about the vaccines, people can get the impression, that the only way to stay healthy, is by injecting these foreign substances into their bodies every six months.

And that’s what this is about, creating a “vaccine treadmill”. The shots are a racket for Big Pharma, they are raking in billions, while being immune from liability by law.

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