The Woke Culture: Its Origins and Agendas

In the years leading up to 2021, the national conversation in the United States was dominated by issues, related to what has become known, as wokeness, or woke culture. The word “woke” was added to dictionaries in 2017, it is slang for awake. In its contemporary use, “woke” means social awareness, being alert to social issues, racism, discrimination and injustice.

Some of the goals of the woke culture are: dissolve the nuclear family, abolish capitalism, eliminate religion, re-write our constitution and raise children gender neutral. Other actions by the woke culture, such as canceling movies, cartoon characters, defunding law enforcement, while refusing to prosecute crimes will be covered in another post.

It is hard to see, how accomplishing their objectives would help the cause of social justice. But the ideology of the woke culture is so pervasive in our lives today – in education, in the media, in entertainment and even in sports – that it caught many people in its web of deception. The following brief analysis will demonstrate how misleading their agenda is.

The nuclear family is the backbone of a healthy society, headed by two loving parents, it is the safest way to raise children. Children are far more likely to experience abuse, when they are in the care of non family members. 7 out of 10 black children grow up in single parent households. 80% of youth in prison grew up in fatherless homes. They are far more likely to drop out of school, commit crimes, experience depression and being suicidal. It is not the dissolution, but the restoration of families, that helps African Americans and other minorities.

The United States has been the prime destination for immigrants from around the world in the last two and a half Centuries. Millions came to the “Land of the Free” and found the American Dream. The opportunities, that the new world provided, were the direct result of its free market economy. Capitalism, as an economic system, gives rise to competition, which leads to economic growth, market share and opportunities, that benefit everyone.

Capitalism isn’t the problem, corruption and corporate influence in politics are responsible for the ever growing income inequalities and other ills of society.

Traditional Judeo-Christian values have been under attack by the woke culture. Christians are mocked in the media and in popular culture, even Jesus has been accused of racism. 8 out of 10 African Americans (70% of the US population) identify as Christians. The attributes, associated with religion: faith, love and service, are positive and tend to improve the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The US constitution was created to ensure our personal rights and freedoms. The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, the 14th gave blacks citizenship, the 15th gave them the right to vote, the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. The Constitution guarentees the freedom of speech, of religion, the right to own property, the right to privacy, the right to due process and much more. Woke people have not yet explained, how canceling any of it would lead to increased social justice.

The woke culture claims, that the gender binary, man and woman, is a social construct and that chidren should “choose” their genders. Transgenderism and “gender fluidity” are promoted in schools. There are now up to 112 genders, like genderqueer, agender, demiboy, demigirl and so on. There is a push to give children puberty blockers and sex change surgeries and even eliminate the parent’s right for consent.

Some children do experience gender dysphoria, but they almost always grow out of it. An 8 year old is too young to make life changing decisions and radical interventions, like surgeries are irreversible, it ruins their lives. Suicide rates are 20 times higher among those, who later in life realize what had been done to them.

In addition to promoting its agendas through the media and academia, the woke culture’s other chief strategy to further its cultural influence is political correctness. The textbook definition of political correctness is the “avoidance of action, that is perceived to insult, or marginalize certain groups of people.”

If Political Correctness was only about that, respect and civility in our day to day interactions and a commitment to equity, no reasonable person would oppose it. But as is the case with many other movements, trends and teachings, they can be coopted, to serve a negative agenda.

Under the banner of “tolerance” and “social justice”, the woke culture attacks anyone, that holds differing views. They see everything through the lens of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and hurt feelings. This is an effective smokescreen, because they can conveniently apply those labels to anyone, who challenges them.

They claim they believe in free speech, but will only allow speech, that is approved by them, suppressing free thought and intellectual inquiry. They have no tolerance for a diversity of opinions – in the name of tolerance. This is censorship, designed to intimidate and “cancel” those with dissenting views and reach a uniformity of thought.

The term Political Correctness first appeared in the Marxist-Leninist vocabulary, following the Bolshevik takover of Russia in 1917. It was used to describe the adherence to the policies and ideology of the Soviet Communist Party. Today, the Woke Culture uses Political Correctness – and its modern version, the Cancel Culture – for the exact same reason, to silence its critics and force unsuspecting Americans to conform to its totalitarian ideology.

Marx’s followers were disappointed, that the “worker’s revolution” did not take place in the Western world and they came up with a different strategy. Conquering the free world, by transforming the consciousness of the people, using culture as a weapon became their scheme. This is the true origin of the Woke Culture.

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It should be noted that many people, who are involved in the woke culture are well-intentioned. Most of them were indoctrinated into the woke ideology by their Marxist professors and are not realizing, that they are unwitting participants in a grand social experiment.

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