The Enemy Within: Part 3. Marxist Division of America

The goal of Cultural Marxism, that infiltrated America during the 20th Century, is to overthrow the Western democracy from within, without firing a shot. Using stealth and deception instead of force, the strategy is to transform the consciousness of society by taking control of the flow of information, the media, education, entertainment and publishing. Attacking … Continue reading The Enemy Within: Part 3. Marxist Division of America

The Enemy Within: Part 2. Marxist Subversion of America

In Part 1. "Marxist Infiltration of America", it was described, how Cultural Marxism influenced the American culture and transformed society, by infiltrating and taking control of academia and other institutions in the United States. There are two areas of activities, in which the subversive, deceptive strategies are implemented. One is to attack traditions, such as the … Continue reading The Enemy Within: Part 2. Marxist Subversion of America

Nanotechnology, Part 2. Target Humanity

Stratospheric aerosol injections, commonly known as "Chemtrails" have released toxic chemicals into the atmosphere over the past twenty years. A significant part of the emissions are microscopic particles, that gave rise to a bizarre medical condition, named Morgellons disease - See Part 1. The minuscule particles that are now found in the environment from cities … Continue reading Nanotechnology, Part 2. Target Humanity

Nanotechnology, Part 1. Morgellons Disease

Morgellons disease is a rare dermotological disorder, marked by the presence of fibers, or filaments, growing in and out of the skin and lesions that heal very slowly. Some people with the condition also experience a sensation of crawling and biting under their skin. The fibers are sometimes visible to the naked eye, but usually … Continue reading Nanotechnology, Part 1. Morgellons Disease