The Enemy Within: Part 3. Marxist Division of America

The goal of Cultural Marxism, that infiltrated America during the 20th Century, is to overthrow the Western democracy from within, without firing a shot. Using stealth and deception instead of force, the strategy is to transform the consciousness of society by taking control of the flow of information, the media, education, entertainment and publishing.

Attacking and gradually wearing away the pillars of society, the family, religion, the constitution and sexual morals are main objectives. This was carried out by the brutal communist regimes, that implemented the Marxist ideology during the last Century.

In Western democracies, these sinister agendas can not be openly announced, they masquerade as movements for social justice, or emancipation from imagined oppressors. The consent of the public is manufactured through propaganda, the around the clock broadcasting of the perceived injustices and other pathologies of society.

The Marxist ideology divides society along class lines, the oppressor ruling class against the oppressed working class. Marx’s followers applied this theory of polarization to the diverse Western culture and divided Americans in many ways, along racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, ethnic, economic and political lines.

“Divide and conquer”, or “divide and rule” is a strategy to gain power, by breaking up populations into smaller groups, that individually have less power and who would collectively be able to oppose a rule, or an agenda imposed on them.

The Latin phrase “Divide et impera” is as old as politics and war. Divide your enemy, so you can reign, is attributed to Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor. He applied it successfully to conquer the militarily superior Gaul twenty-two century ago.

Niccolo Machiavelli, the 15th Century adviser to Lorenzo Medici, Florence’s ruler, identified a similar application to military strategy in his book, the “The Art of War”: “a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy.”

The sociological application of divide and rule is to gain control of the lower class, by instigating infighting among them. The best example of it, is one that occured in the United States, that defined the character of the new world for times to come. 1667 was the year, in which America was divided by race.

When in 1619 Africans arrived in America, there were no white people there, “white” as a category did not exist. European immigrants were simply referred to as “Christians”. African slaves and European indentured servants shared the same quarters, they worked and lived under the same conditions.

In other words, there was the poor working class and the Colonial ruling class. Virginia’s ruling elite was the wealthy plantation owners, rich merchants, traders and their governors.

In 1676, a revolt, called the Bacon rebellion, lead by a wealthy planter, Nathaniel Bacon, took place. The uprising developed because of native American policies, high taxes and land use disputes. After several months of fighting with the governor’s loyalists, a naval squadron, dispatched by the British crown defeated the rebellion, but not before the rebels burned Jamestown, the colonial capital to the ground.

African slaves and European indentured servants fought side by side in the revolt. The working class unity was a threat to Virginia’s ruling class. To prevent this alliance between the poor and another uprising from taking place, in 1703 they enacted the Virginia Slave Codes.

These new laws gave poor whites some priviledges, although this did little to improve their living conditions, but they started to see themselves, as different from the African slaves. The ruling elite invented “whiteness”, to sever the ties of mutual interest between African slaves and lower class Europeans and divided the working class.

Once whites and blacks were split, the Colonial rulers didn’t stop there. Next, they started driving a wedge between the English and other European immigrants, starting with the Irish. Anti-Irish propaganda portrayed them as “unthinking brutes and animals”. Then, they used religion, to divide Germans and the Scottish. This was so successful, they did the same to Africans, isolating slaves from indentured servants and free blacks.

This is how the ruling elite has always retained control of the working class. Breaking up the population into smaller groups and pit one against another, so people see each other as enemies and they don’t notice the puppeteers.

In modern times, public sentiment is influenced through the media. News reports are designed to play on the viewer’s emotions and make them take sides on every issue. Identity Politics motivates people to choose a group identity and see themselves as separate and different from others.

Academia is an effective way for the elite to brainwash and indoctrinate young minds. “Critical Theory”, taught in higher education, is an interpretation of Marxist ideology, that was created by Karl Marx’s followers.

Critical Theory (and its spinoffs, Critical Race Theory, or Intersectionality), are presented, as methodologies to achieve social justice. But they accomplish the opposite, because they were designed to “problematize” social dynamics. They hold the view, that society is inherently racist and unjust.

The goal of this propaganda by the media and education, is the endless search for victims in every crevice of society and to engage those on each side in Marxist style warfare. They tell the supposed victims, that they are oppressed and marginalized by another group. Blacks are oppressed by racist whites, women by sexist men, gays by homophobes, immigrants by nationalists and so on.

The resulting grievances are the cause of conflicts, discord, hatred and animosity we are seeing. There are of course merits to those claims, there are cases of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. But accusing, or shaming an entire group for actions, that certain individuals are guilty of, makes no sense.

In the American society, these conflicts are the result of social engineering, the divide and rule strategem. When the curtain is pulled back, it is revealed that, the victims are on both sides and the real oppressor is the ruling elite. “Classism” is disguised, as racism, xenophobia and other injustices.

For the Colonial rulers, it was all about maintaing the status quo, money and profits. At the present time, the goal of the polarization of society is to weaken the United States, leading to moral decay. The destruction of America is necessary for the creation of an authoritarian state, Cultural Marxists set out to construct a Century ago.

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One thought on “The Enemy Within: Part 3. Marxist Division of America

  1. It won’t work. Americans have been racially divided since day one. There’s one thing that’s always brought us together fighting side by side to protect what others can only dream of having (Freedoms) Once the young that supports socialism in America will stand up and fight for freedom once there internet XBox and PlayStations is threatened. Free to do is hard to take back once given

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