Manufacturing Consent: Fear and Social Control

Freedom is very important to people. The value placed upon it is such, that many have given their lives in their pursuit of freedom throughout history.

But there is one circumstance, in which most people are willing to give up some of that freedom. When they are concerned about their safety, when they, or their loved ones are in peril, most people are willing to sacrifice their liberties in return for protection by an outside authority.

Those, who held the reigns of power have known this and used it to their advantage since ancient times.

When governments want to carry out agendas, which they know the public would not support, they sometimes manufacture a crisis, create a situation, that is threatening to the populace.

This causes fear, concerned for their safety, people are now willing to agree to policies, that they would not support under normal circumstances. The solution to the crisis creates conditions that the government, or the manipulating body needs to carry out their plans.

The threat can be an impending war, a financial collapse, a terrorist threat, an epidemic, or the prospect of an environmental disaster, among others.

Using the power of the media, even a fictitious threat can be made believable to the public, or a lesser one made to appear more ominous, to get the necessary emotional reaction.

A strategy, that is often used to create a crisis is a false flag attack, or “state sponsored terror”. A false flag is a staged event, orchestrated by the government, or proponents of a political movement. It is designed to deceive, to create the appearance, that another group, or nation is responsible for the act.

In some cases, an individual is chosen to take the blame for the attack, a scapegoat, or the “fall guy”. This is done to make the impression, that justice is served, while those responsible evade detection.

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders….All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

Herman Goering – Hitler’s Propaganda Minister

The following examples, randomly selected from history to present times, illustrate how this technique of mass deception works in real life.

In 2002 and early 2003, Weapons of Mass Destruction, “WMD”, was all over the news. Iraq was said to possess them, a rogue nation, that is a clear and present danger, a threat to our democracy.

What the public didn’t know, was that the Bush administration knew there were no WMD, but they wanted to invade Iraq and needed a pretext to execute their plan.

Saddam Hussein became the boogeyman and the ceaseless coverage of “WMD” garnered enough support to launch the campaign in March of 2003.

Not surprisingly, no weapons of mass destruction were found. Thousands of US soldiers died, tens of thousands maimed and hundreds of thousands of civilians perished, as a consequence of the invasion.

Two years before the Weapons of Mass Destruction narrative, following 9/11, wall to wall coverage of the “Terrorist Threat” was broadcast, to instill fear among the public of an imminent terrorist attack.

The resulting concern for safety lead to the passage of the Patriot Act, an unprecedented intrusion into people’s privacy, that also gave the government the right to prosecute individuals without legal representation.

During the Cold War, in 1964, the Johnson administration wanted to get further involved in the Vietnam conflict, but they were met with fierce opposition. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the trigger for the start of direct military involvement by the United States.

On August 4th, 1964, the USS Maddox destroyer was conducting espionage in the Gulf of Tonkin. Their radar signaled approaching vessels and a torpedo attack. They returned fire on numerous targets. The Navy claimed that they had sunk two attacking torpedo boats.

However, there was no physical evidence of the attack, no wreckage, no bodies of sailors. Aircraft flying over the area, failed to spot any North Vietnamese boats and reported, that the US Maddox was firing at phantom targets.

Nonetheless, the incident was blamed on North Vietnam and served as justification for the start of open warfare. The Vietnam War was one of the longest, costliest and deadliest campaign in US history, claiming 58000 American lives.

In February, 1933, 4 weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as a Chancellor of Germany, a fire broke out at the Reichstag, the Parliament building in Berlin. After an investigation, the German government accused a Dutch communist, named Marinus van der Lubbe of arson.

The attack was also attributed to communists in general and it was claimed to be a part of a communist ploy to take over Germany.

An emergency decree was declared, that suspended civil rights and allowed Hitler to conduct mass arrests of communist leaders, including their Parliamentary delegates. With their rivals gone, the Nazis became a majority in the Parliament.

Archived evidence and the testimony of the then Berlin fire chief, Walter Gemp suggested, that the arson was planned and ordered by the Nazis. Gemp asserted that there had been a delay in notifying the fire brigade and he was forbidden from making full use of resources.

By the late 3rd Century AD, Christianity grew to be a major religion in the Roman Empire. Churches organized throughout the empire, with bishops in major cities and pastors leading local congregations.

At the same time, the Roman Empire was falling apart. Constantly changing governments, weak emperors, military coups and foreign invasions threatened the once prosperous empire.

Romans were looking for answers as to why their once powerful empire was in decline. Many of them answered these questions by blaming religious minorities. Christianity was viewed as a threat to imperial power.

The persecution of Christians began under the reign of emperor Diocletian, starting in 303. Nicomedia was the capital of the Eastern portion of the Roman Empire, in present day Turkey. Diocletian had the imperial palace in Nicomedia set on fire and blamed it on the Christians.

The wrongful, but bloodless persecution that already took place, turned into a horrific bloodbath after that.

“- By Imperial command, God’s worshipers there perished, wholesale and in heaps.”

Returning to our present time,

the “Green New Deal” is a proposed legislation, that aims to curb global warming, by completely eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Zero emissions is a fantastic goal to work toward, clean air and a sustainable future is something everyone agrees on.

But getting there in 10 years would require radical, WWII style changes in the way we live. There would never be enough support for such plan, unless .. it is a matter of our survival.

If the public believed, that climate change will destroy our planet in 12 years, the “Green New Deal” will not seem far fetched.

Global warming is real, it is the last section in red:

Temperatures are rising, but it is a part of a natural fluxuation, as seen in the graph.

The media usually only shows the last 50 years of the chart, to support their global warming narrative and the end of the world scenario, predicted by promoters of the GND.

What was the hidden agenda behind the “Coronavirus Pandemic”?

Scare the population, to accept mandatory vaccinations? A power grab to restrict more of our liberties, or usher in the long planned Great Reset?

Details on Covid-19: 6 Great Covid Lies | 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine | Covid Shots and Transhumanism

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