Covid Shots and Transhumanism

A belief, that the next step in humanity’s evolution is transhumanism, the enhancement of the human condition by means of science and technology has long been held by intellectuals, world leaders and influential individuals.

A “marriage of man and machine”, implanting technology into the human body would allow humans to evolve beyond their current physical and mental limitations, resulting in longer lifespan and superhuman abilities.

The following exposes the deception behind the transhumanist agenda and the role of the Covid “pandemic” in it.

The transhumanist promises, that humans would be disease free, a thousand times smarter, “sexier” and enjoy a longer life, is a “carrot on a stick” strategy, a Trojan horse, to gain the public’s trust. The true purpose of transhumanism isn’t human “augmentation”, but to gain complete control of the individual.

The technology, needed to enable this transformation, would be placed inside the body permanently. We, as humans would be connected to an external server, an AI supercomputer. The 5G technology and the thousands of satellites that have already been launched into space, are part of this planned global matrix. “Downloading movies faster” doesn’t justify this colossal investment in global infrastructure.

The implanted technology allows the complete surveillance of the individual’s thoughts, feelings, behavior and biometrics. Specific thoughts, emotions and behaviors can also be induced remotely. Body functions, such as the heart rate can be altered by a controller. A person can be made to commit actions even against their own will.

This isn’t an “elevation” of humanity, it is an enslavement, that results in the complete loss of one’s bodily autonomy, free will and all personal rights. Humans would turn into cyborgs, with no individuality and a hive mind.

The best way to deliver the materials into the body, that are needed to create a synthetic biology is through injections. In order to get the public to cooperate with this, the real agenda needs to be disguised.

If people believed that the inoculations were for their benefit, they would willingly pull up their sleeves and allow the injections. This is why the Covid crisis was engineered. The virus was modified at the Wuhan laboratory, to make it more contagious and released into the environment.

Then, the vaccines were provided, as a “solution” and the public was told this was the only way to survive covid. Considering the national vaccination rates a year after mass vaccinations began, it seems, most people fell for this trickery.

This type of strategy for mass deception is usually referred to as “Hegelian Dialectic” of problem – reaction – solution, or “Manufacturing Consent”. Examples from history are in this article: Manufacturing Consent: Fear and Social Control

The main ingredient in the “vaccines” developed for this purpose is hydrogel. The research was funded by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. Hydrogel is a light and pliable material, whose network of polymer chains is similar to what is used in some contact lenses.

A DARPA hydrogel biosensor implant

This technology is introduced to the public as a way to manage medical conditions, drug delivery, or control the spread of Covid infections. The sensor generates a signal, that can be sent to a doctor, or a website, it is like a “blood lab” on the skin.

But the real reason why they want to do this, is being kept a secret. Inside the hydrogel are various components, like graphene oxide, biosensors, nano-transistors, titanium oxide and the quantum dots.

This is nanotechnology, that is in the vaccines, it is the result of decades of research by DARPA and private companies.. Nanosize is so small – one nanometer is one billionth of a meter – they are invisible to the naked eye and they can be injected with a syringe.

The nano-materials have specific functions, they are components of a self assembling bio-circuitry. They are able to travel through the body, cross the blood / brain barrier and attach themselves to strategic places in the central nervous system. The Covid vaccines are essentially injectable operating systems.

Hydrogel is biocompatible, meaning it is similar to the body’s tissues, so it won’t reject it. It can be liquefied for injection and it will regain its solid state inside the body. Once injected, it crystallizes and forms antennea-like structures. These are nano-antennas, that can send and receive signals from 5G towers, or satellites.

Hydrogel expands throughout the body and forms a network. It will eventually vascularize, fuses with the body’s organs and tissues, functioning as an interface between a central AI and the human cells, creating a hybridized human, a “Syn-Bio”. People would become simply a “node” on a global smart grid, disconnected from God and a divine source.

This 13 minute video from Germany shows the bizarre behavior of hydrogel in the Covid vaccine under microscope. It is bioluminescent, self-assembling, forming 3-D structure:

Video: Covid Vaccine Under Microscope

These are 3 screenshots from the video, demonstrating the crystallization of hydrogel:

Some of the Covid test swabs also contain hydrogel. A Slovakian research team from Bratislava provided the following images:

DARPA Hydrogel beads
Within minutes of contact with body fluids, the hydrogel begins to form rectangular structures.
Crystallization after 24 hours
The hydrogel becomes 3 dimensional and begins to expand in the body.

A total 7 covid boosters are planned. It requires multiple shots to deliver all the nano-materials, needed. The fearmongering will continue, to make people get the injections, plus, they have started to add the mRNA to the flu shot and other vaccines too.

Those, who are inoculated obviously shouldn’t take any boosters, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system and detox and attempt to remove some of the foreign substances from the body. See this for suggestions: How I Protect Myself From Viral and Spike Protein Shedding.

Transhumanism is also promoted through the “Great reset” campaign: The Great Reset: Sustainability, or Serfdom?

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More info on hydrogel:

Celeste Solum FEMA whistleblower.

DARPA Hydrogel

Self-assembling nanosystems.

Injectable hydrogel for drug delivery

Crystalline networks forming

Military funded biosensor.

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  1. Excellent information & research. Thank you. It’s a damn sinful shame that everyday media ignore this & put masses of humanity at risk.

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