6 Great Covid Lies

  1. Covid is so dangerous, everyone, including children have to be vaccinated.

SARS-CoV-2 poses a negligible risk to the majority of people, 90% of those infected, experience minor, or no symptoms. Children are virtually unaffected by Covid, with a recovery rate of 99.997% (between the age of 0-19). It is more likely for a child to die of the common flu, than Covid.

The median survival rate is 99.77% and above the age of 70 it is 94.6%. (these numbers are based on 74 estimates from 61 studies). Those who are 70 and older do receive protection from the shots. However, 85% of post vaccination deaths were 85 and older, thus the benefit to risk ratio is questionable even for seniors.

In July 2021, the US media claimed there was a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”, but the data showed otherwise. In Los Angeles County, average daily deaths were 7 in a population of 10 Million and Covid patients were a small percentage of the hospitalized. (single digit numbers are Covid ICU patients, percentages are ICU occupancies, including non-Covid patients)

2. The vaccines are effective, even against the variants.

In the Pfizer clinical trial, out of the vaccinated 21,720 participants, 8 were found infected during the follow-up, in the placebo group of 21,728, 162 infections were detected.

That comes to 0.036% for the inoculated group and 0.745% for the control group. The difference is 0.7%. That means, while the American public was told, the vaccines were 94% effective, (one report even claimed 100%), in the clinical trials the risk of infection was only lowered by less than 1%.

See a more detailed explanation in: Reporting Bias in Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy.

As to the alleged effectiveness against the variants, the UK was hard hit by the Delta strain. Their records indicate, that by June, 60% of deaths due to the Delta variant were vaccinated individuals.

At the same time, infection rates among the vaccinated skyrocketed. In Singapore, vaccinated people accounted for 75% of new infections. In Los Angeles County, 25% of new infections were among the vaccinated by the end of July 2021, masks were required for vaccinated people and the first booster shot was on the way, yet officials still claim the “vaccines were working”!

3. Vaccination is the only way to be safe from Covid and return to normal.

There are two ways to develop immunity, through inoculation, when a weakened version of the virus is injected and by natural immunity, upon infection. In both cases, the immune system is stimulated to create antibodies against the virus, or a future infection.

Vaccines are a high risk, short term intervention. Adverse events are common, causing lasting injuries and deaths (see next section) and short term, because the vaccines put pressure on the virus, causing it to mutate (that’s what caused the Delta surge), rendering the shots ineffective.

On the other hand, when immunity is gained naturally, the immune system can adopt to variants within hours, without the risks. Natural immunity is also long lasting. A few people, who were alive during the Spanish flu of 1918, were found to still have immunity to the virus after 90 years!

Coronavirus patients who recovered from the virus were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against COVID, according to numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry.

It is estimated, that up to 100 Million people in the United States have already been infected with the virus and recovered, thus have immunity and don’t need vaccination. So why does the leading government expert, Dr. Fauci never mentioned natural immunity? He happens to be on Bill Gates’ vaccine advisery board. Financial interests and the depopulation agenda are at the root of all the Covid lies.

4. The benefits of the vaccination outweighs the risks.

VAERS is a database, established in the early 90’s, to monitor vaccine injuries. Ever since, in most years, there have been 150-170 deaths reported. As of January 2022, the death toll stands at 22,193.

Update: By the end of 2022, over 32,000 vaccine deaths were reported.

When a new drug, or vaccine causes 25-50 deaths, it is usually cancelled. Why has this vaccination program not been stopped? Big Pharma won’t stop it, they are raking in billions and they are immune from vaccine injury lawsuits.

There have also been millions of severe adverse reactions from anaphylactic shock to heart inflammation, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks, blindness, uncontrollable body tremors and other debilitating conditions. A few weeks after the FDA approved the shot for 12 -18 year olds, 14 children died and some are receiving heart transplants due to vaccine injuries to their heart.

In the European Union, by the end of 2021, 34,000 deaths and millions vaccine injuries were reported. This isn’t a protection of the public health, it is a genocide, a crime against humanity. Based on a 2019 study by Harvard, only 1% of cases are reported, thus vaccine deaths have likely exceeded 1 Million in the US.

5. There are no effective treatments for Covid, other than the vaccines.

It’s not possible to get an EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) from the FDA for a vaccine, unless there are no provably effective treatments. This is why HC (Hydrocloroquine) and Ivermectin were discredited by Fauci.

The fact is, early treatment with these two drugs (plus Vitamin D and Zinc), is a very effective, low cost and no risk intervention for Covid. Hydrocloroquine has an 80 year track record, it is an over the counter drug in many countries, used successfully for both treatment and prophylaxis.

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Doctors, that want to do the right thing and put patients first, are bullied by the AMA, threatened to lose their license to practice and are attacked and deplatformed on social media. Early treatment by HC and Ivermectin would have reduced Covid deaths by 72%.

The Emergency Use Authorisation also means that the vaccine trials are ongoing until 2023, therefore every vaccinated person is an unwitting participant in the long term of trial of a new vaccine, without informed consent. Coronavirus vaccine trials never progressed beyond animal trials, because they always failed. The test animals initially displayed a robust immune response, but got very ill and died upon re-infection.

6. Covid policies have to be based on the PCR test data.

The inventor of the PCR test, used to detect Covid infection is Kari Mullis. He received the Nobel prize for it in 1993. Mullis publicly stated in reference to the HIV-Aids hypothesis, that the test should never be used as a tool “in the diagnosis of infectious diseases “.

Jason Hommel, writer and researcher: “The idea, that this test can isolate a specific virus, is nonsense.

David Crowe, Canadian researcher, president of the think-tank, Rethinking Aids: “Kari did not invent a test, he invented a very powerful manufacturing technique, that’s being abused.”

Instead of cancelling the test, Kari Mullis himself was cancelled, he mysteriously died in 2019 and videos of him disappeared from social media. Crowe also passed away in 2020. Was there foul play involved to prevent them from exposing the Covid deception?

It’s also notable, the Covid virus was never isolated, so how do they know what to look for in the first place? An estimated 80% of the PCR tests give false positives.

The decision to designate Covid as a pandemic, the implementation of draconian policies, like lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine programs were based on the data from these tests, which are false.

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8 thoughts on “6 Great Covid Lies

  1. We never believed this from the beginning, knowing an effort to control us was the main purpose. But as time passed, we saw numbers akin to regular flus, then discovered the FDA won’t put their stamp of approval on this never before MRNA method population-wide. **What really told us this was propaganda was every news station, including FOX, constantly reporting, commercials appearing concerned, the athletes endorsing, and I know of not one healthy person ever dying because of this: not one.


  2. ““The idea, these kits can isolate a specific virus, like Covid-19, is nonsense.” – said Mullis.” I was wondering how this statement could be accurate given Mullis died prior to the first diagnosed case of Covid-19. When dealing with those who refuse to accept different points of view, it is helpful to have accurate information.


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