The Story of Starseeds

Starseeds are individuals, who originate from other star systems and chose to have lives on this planet, to carry out a particular mission. The physical body is a temporary "vehicle", unique to each lifetime. The "true self" is the soul, it is what lives on after the physical death. The starseed's souls came from the … Continue reading The Story of Starseeds

Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame relationships are the most profound connections that exist, the love that Twin Flames share, is unconditional and immeasurable. Twin Flames are not the same, as Soulmates, although the bond between soulmates is also very strong. Souls are "born", or created in groups from Divine Source. These become the soulmates, they are those, who … Continue reading Twin Flame Relationships

The Ascension Process

[Image Credit: Kerbi /Devianart] The Ascension Process describes an important milestone in the evolutionary journey, it is an advancement, an elevation of consciousness that leads one from the individualized units of existence toward a universal, a divine state of being. Within the context of our human reality, ascension means going from the 3rd dimension to the … Continue reading The Ascension Process