The Galactic Superwaves

Galactic Superwaves are periodic outbursts of the central sun of our galaxy. As a result of these outbursts, cosmic ray particles travel to us from the galactic center along the spiral arm of the galaxy, our solar system is located in. These powerful emissions affect our region of space for thousands of years.

The last one occurred 13 000 to 16 000 years ago and caused the last ice age. It was discovered in the 1980’s that one of these Superwaves are on their way to us and can reach us in the next few decades.

Dr. Paul La Violette and his Starburst Foundation researches this phenomenon.

The timing of these “galactic core explosions” correspond to our solar system’s 26 000 year rotation and it’s interaction with the Photon Band I described in another post.

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They are actually part of the same phenomenon, the Photon Band transmits and modulates the energies and vibrations, emitted from the Galactic Center.

Standard theory in astronomy postulates that the center of the Galaxy is a massive black hole. Black holes are regions of space, with such a strong gravitational force, that nothing can escape from them.

Astronomers also discovered a radio signal source at the galactic center, named Sagittarius “A”.

Dr. Paul La Violette’s research contradicts the existence of a black hole. He has shown that the center of the galaxy, Sagittarius “A” is a huge star.

It is 4.3 Million times the mass of our sun and 2.5 Billion times brighter.

Instead of swallowing everything around it, as a black hole would, gas and dust encircles and being emitted from Sagittarius “A”. It is a source of matter and energy.

Mainstream science promotes theories that support limited and sanitized views of our history and physical reality.

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Esoteric teachings support Dr. Paul La Violette’s discoveries. The massive orb at the rotational center of the galaxy is our Galactic Central Sun.

Plato called it the “Transmundane, or Supra-Celestial Sun“, the source of all “truth and intelligence.”

In the Vedic tradition, the galactic center is called Brahma, the creative force, Vishnunabhi.

This awesome, supermassive orb gives birth to everything in our galaxy. It is a portal, the point of physical manifestation for all planets, solar systems and all living being in our cosmos.

Our sun is a source of Light and Life for us, as millions of other suns in our galaxy are for their own solar systems. All suns revolve around their central suns, ours is called Alcyone, located in the Pleiades star cluster.

All central suns in turn revolve around the galactic central sun. At the beginning of a 26 000 year cycle, a celestial alignment occurs through all the suns.

The Galactic Superwaves, along with minor outbursts are times of renewal, cleansing in our galaxy.

The cosmic rays sent from the galactic center sweep through all solar systems and the billions of planets in the galaxy. They break down old realities and constructs, laying the foundation for a new cycle, or phase of evolution.

Science explores only a certain area of our lives, one that is visible and tangible. From this limited viewpoint, life changing cosmic events, like galactic core outbursts may seem destructive forces, to be feared.

The physical universe is a manifestation of divine consciousness. Celestial bodies are units of this consciousness, that assumed the form of spheres.

From this wider perspective, the emissions of energies from central points are catalysts for metamorphosis, to trigger evolutionary changes needed in the region.

The advancing Cosmic Wave will awaken cellular memories that will spread through the unified field of consciousness, altering accepted views of reality.

2 thoughts on “The Galactic Superwaves

  1. Looking forward to further discoveries on this most urgently ignored theory. All signs are pointing to the approach/collision in the not distant future. I have devoted my life to this theory. As strange as this may sound, it is the truth. No one has explained our ancient past and ancient communications better than Dr Paul A LaViolette.

    What brought me to the discovery of his work, some 20 years ago, was my active imagination. I was never satisfied with the mainstream explanations of galactic stasis. The black hole hypothesis by Hawking, only drove my curiosity harder, in order to find the truth. Along with biblical prophecy, most notably “the shaking of the heavens.” I’m not one who will jump on the bandwagon of some mere plant causing this. I am in all honesty a channeling conduit of information, though from whom, or where in originates, still remains a mystery.

    All I know for certain is that it’s not so much what approaches, but rather what we are headed straight for. I believe whole heartedly that we can determine how this effects us. Faith is the armor of God.

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