The True History of Earth – Video

The history of Earth, promoted by mainstream science and taught in schools is a very limited version of history. It is designed to perpetuate the beliefs that we are the only ones in the universe and that all life is confined to the 3 dimensional reality we are experiencing.

The truth is, the universe is teeming with life, there are billions of inhabited planets.  The vast majority of extraterrestrials are benevolent and not scary, as they are depicted in Hollywood movies. The Earth is a fairly young planet, for that reason most non-terrestrials are more technologically and/or spiritually advanced.

Life also exists on many dimensions, or densities, beyond what we perceive by our physical senses.

The higher the dimension, the higher are the frequencies of vibration and less dense the bodies are. Feelings of separation fades and the interconnectedness of all things is recognized. As the veil of illusion falls away, one becomes more aligned with Source.

Polarities diminish and at a certain point seize to exist. The beings on much higher dimensions do no need bodies, they exist only as Consciousness, or pure Light.

We are eternal Beings, experiencing a limited reality. Our true birth was when our souls were created from Source. Those, who began their lives as individual souls at the same time, are Soulmates. Through the long journey of our soul’s evolution we have ended up here, in this reality, by choices we, ourselves had made.

The following account of Earth’s history |video at the bottom of page|was received by Sal Rachele in 2005.

Most channeled materials are not to be trusted, they are either false, or corrupted. I feel that this is authentic. It may not be completely accurate due to interference and the process of translation of higher dimensional knowledge to human language.

I read very similar descriptions of Earth’s history in the books: “You are Becoming a Galactic Human” by Sheldon Nidle and in “Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution”: by Amorah Quan Yin

As Earth’s distant past is brought to light, walking the corridors of time, our emotions may be stirred. These emotions are the awakening of cellular memory, remembering our own past. Such a spontaneous reaction is a clue, a subjective proof of the conveyed story’s veracity.


2:50  This universe began about 20 Billion years ago, Earth was formed 4.5 Billion years ago.

6:15  Seventh density is the first density of DNA codes. Our quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy was first seeded in the Lyra Vica region.

8:00  It was about 100 Million years ago when through many hundreds of millions of years of genetic experimentation, humanoid beings had been created in all densities, all the way down to the 3rd.

13:00  There are carbon based, silicon based and lithium based life forms. The humanoid form was designed to carry up to seven densities.

17:00  Many exotic lifeforms were created as a result of genetic experimentation around the time of what is known in mythology as the land of Pam, or Pangea.

21:00  The ability to create is the law of free will.

23:00  Two processes are happening at the same time: Evolution that start at the elemental levels and continues up to the higher densities, and Devolution, the lowering of consciousness from the higher levels.

27:00 There have been 4 civilizations: Pangea, Lemuria, Atlantis and the current one.

Significant events in our solar system were the destruction of Maldek and Mars. Others include the Luciferian rebellion, the Orion invasion, the infusion of Alpha-Draconians, the reign of the Syrians and the quiet invasion of the Zeta reticulans.

30:00  100 Million years ago during the time of Pangea, the earth was a paradise with tropical forest covering most areas and it was inhabited by seventh dimensional humanoids.

38:00  Beginning of violence and conflict in our solar system started 10 Million years ago.

43:00  Maldekians developed nuclear technology and war broke out that culminated in the destruction of Maldek.

50:00  Many of those who perished on Maldek, reincarnated on Mars, where conflicts also began. The planet’s atmosphere was damaged by exotic weapons. Remaining inhabitants moved under ground.

1:05  Up until 1950, there were no controls in place to prevent the Light and Dark from battling it out. Souls that reach a certain level of vibration are protected, about 16 Million.

1:09  From 10 to 1Million BC. was the Pre-Lemurian period, Earth attracted a lot of souls and vibratory rate dropped.

1:15  The “war in heaven” between Lucifer and Archangel Michael lasted a thousand years. From 1 Million to 500 000 BC, the earth’s population grew to 2 Billion.

1:19  From 500 000 to 200 000 the earth was becoming a melting pot, Lemuria, from 200 000 to 100 000, was a peaceful civilization. It perished, due to the damaging after effects of a comet that changed the climate.

1:30  A quarantine went into effect after Lemuria’s destruction until 1987. First period of Atlantis starts. Atlantis was destroyed by misuse of crystalline energy.

1:40  In Egypt, a group of Pleiadians tried to restore humanity’s blueprint. Thoth was the engineer behind the Great Pyramid, it was intended to be an ascension chamber and portal.

1:45  At 7500 BC, 7th dimensional Syrians came to Egypt, who unraveled the work of Thoth.

1:52  Story of Jesus, explanation of the distortions in the present day’s teachings.

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  1. I’m a humanoid, true history of earth and extraterrestrial researcher. I’m digging to see the video but now it is deleted. Can someone kindly send me the link of the video on a different website or send it privately


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