The Story of Starseeds

Starseeds are individuals, who originate from other star systems and chose to have lives on this planet, to carry out a particular mission.

The physical body is a temporary “vehicle”, unique to each lifetime. The “true self” is the soul, it is what lives on after the physical death.

The starseed’s souls came from the “Stars”, to inhabit and grow in a body on this planet, hence “Star Seeds”.

Many people have trouble grasping the concept of incarnation. This is due to conditioning, which is the strategic deception of the masses through the media and education, to create the belief, that they live in a limited reality and that there is no life after death.

If people identify themselves with their bodies and personalities, they will believe that life will end, when the physical body dies.

Not only there is life after the physical death, but life exists on billions of planets in the universe.

The vast majority of Starseeds here on earth originate from planets in the Pleiades Star system. Many others are from Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius and Lyra.

Understandably, many Starseeds are drawn to the sky, the stars and planets, even as children. They often feel loneliness and longing to return “home”.

They love metaphysics and science fiction and watching shows, like Star Wars, or Star Trek is comforting to them.

Being “out of sync”, difficulty in relating to the people and the world around them is a common experience among Starseeds.

They are old souls, who don’t understand why there is pain and suffering in the world, many feel that they have a mission to fulfill.

Sensitivity to light and loud noises, a tendency to to avoid crowds, interest in mysticism and being bored by traditional academics are some of the characteristics, typical for Starseeds.

They enjoy spending time alone, they find peace and solace in nature and many have particular fondness for trees. They are attracted to healing professions, many become teachers and healers.

It is estimated, that less than 5% of the world’s population are Starseeds. It has been observed, that they arrived in three “waves”.

The first wave came in from 1950’s to late 1970’s, these were the “Wayshowers”. The second wave, usually called “Indigos”, from the early 80’s until late 90’s and the third wave, the “Crystal” children, started arriving at the turn of the century.

The first wave included a relatively small number souls, but increased exponentially with the second and third generations.

Starseeds experience amnesia, they don’t remember their past, but they are encoded to “awaken” at a certain time during their lives. This awakening can be gradual, or sudden and intense. After this awakening, they have total clarity about their purpose and mission here on Earth.

They have also been called the by the names, “Family of Light” and “Bringers of the Dawn”. They are a group of highly evolved souls, who volunteered to assist humanity and the planet with its evolution, the Ascension process.

Together, they function as “conductors”, they transduce cosmic energy into the earth surface, to increase its vibrational frequency.

As individuals, they may have their own unique missions, that often has to do with teaching and healing.

Starseeds are “system busters”, they understand the deception and manipulation, that’s going on in the world and they are here to help humanity recognize the tyranny they are under and how they can reclaim their freedom and sovereignty .

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