The Ascension Process

[Image Credit: Kerbi /Devianart]

The Ascension Process describes an important milestone in the evolutionary journey, it is an advancement, an elevation of consciousness that leads one from the individualized units of existence toward a universal, a divine state of being.

Within the context of our human reality, ascension means going from the 3rd dimension to the 4th, or the 5th density. We are at the cusp of a major cosmic cycle, at which point a significant shift occurs in the life of this universe.

Though it is not visible to human eyes, from a divine perspective, everything is alive. Galaxies within the universe, star clusters and solar systems within galaxies are living beings, each on its own, unique path in the realm of manifestation.

Individual planets of a galaxy are like cells in a physical body, they have lives of their own and at the same time form a greater organism. Just as a sick, dysfunctional cell in one part of the physical body impacts the health of the other cells and the entire system, a dysfunctional planet will halt the progress of a larger organism, of which it is a part of.

The cosmic shift we are facing, ushers in the “Age of Light”, a time of Unity, a galaxy wide renaissance, a rebirth through which greater freedom and spiritual expansion is experienced in place of discord and conflict.

When we look a the state of the planet today, it would appear that the Age of Light, peace and prosperity to all is nothing, but a pipe dream, a castle in the sky. Appearances can be deceiving, what we are seeing is the “storm before the calm”, as it were.

The “old guard” knows its time is up, but it is desperately trying to hold on to its power. Fear has a low vibration that resists the forces of the ascension process. Most of the alarming and shocking events we see in the world, are not accidental, they are engineered to induce fear.

At this juncture, humanity has the chance to shake off its shackles and transcend its history of victimhood and disempowerment to become creators at their own right.

The Ascension Process is both individual and collective. Some will choose to remain in the 3rd dimensional reality. As sovereign beings, endowed with free will, each individual has the power to choose their own path and take charge of their own destiny.

Fasten your seat belts, it’ll be an exciting ride!

6 thoughts on “The Ascension Process

  1. This is so profound to me. Reading this confirms my feelings of I’m not crazy this is happening. Wow I knew I picked the right school and the Universe provided the right Teacher. Thank you so much Laszlo for everything. I FEEL IT AND IM NOW LOVING IT. THE NOW WITHIN THE LIGHT, LOVE & SOUNDS OF LIFE.


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