The Great Reset: Sustainability, or Serfdom?

It was not long after the Corona virus pandemic began in 2020, when news of the “Great Reset” appeared in the media.

Klaus Swaab, founder and CEO of WEF, the World Economic Forum:

“Re-imagine” is a buzzword, often used to describe a vision, to address social injustice, or other undesirable aspects of society. It is also a great starting point to deconstruct a narrative, created by the promoters of the Great Reset.

“Re-imagine” is a word, that lends itself well to double-speak. That is a manner of speech, in which the language used is designed to deliberately mislead the listener, to conceal the truth.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is one of politician’s favorite aphorisms. During a crisis the public is concerned about their safety and security. People are willing to approve policies, that they would not support under normal circumstances.

Fear is such an effective tool for social control, that the those in power throughout history created crises – also referred to as manufacturing consent – in order obtain power over the masses.

The Corona virus pandemic was one such engineered crisis. The intent of the “gain of function” research, funded at the Wuhan laboratory by Dr. Fauci’s NIH with our tax dollars, was to make SARS-CoV-2 more dangerous to humans and to create a credible threat.

With the complicity of the media and its around the clock covid coverage, universal fear, mass psychosis was induced in the population. This is the crisis, the globalists needed, to start implementing their nefarious agenda.

A plan has long existed to create a new world order, an authoritarian one world government, with a united police force and a new common language, eliminating sovereign nation-states. This latter is the reason for the open border policies, that politicians, who are the global Elite’s puppets, are pushing.

Over the years the label, NWO developed a bad reputation, as awareness among the public grew. They started using the term, globalism, it sounds more modern and benign. The “Great Reset” is just the latest iteration of the NWO.

Quote from the WEF website:

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that no institution or individual can take on the economic, environmental, social, and technological challenges of our world by itself. This crisis has bolstered trends that were evident even before its onset, such as digitization or the need for sustainable and inclusive development.”

Here, we focus on the word “sustainable”. With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, socialists were disappointed, that their dream of building a global socialist society did not materialize. But, they said, they had one more trick up their sleeves: socialism under the guise of environmentalism.

The following year in 1992, the United Nations Conference on the Environment, also known as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit took place. Issues related to sustainability were discussed and also the development NGOs, non-governmental organizations.

These were to become front organizations for the UN and the WEF, to promote their agendas in individual countries. “Agenda 21”, an action plan was another outcome of the Rio summit.

“Inclusivity” and “Equality” are also highlighted in the WEF mission statement. The former is kowtowing to the social justice movements, that took place in the United States in 2020. Commitment to inclusivity is intended to make the organization appear more relevant and more “woke”.

Members of World Economic Forum meet annually in the ski village of Davos, Switzerland. They are the wealthiest and most influential individuals in politics, the media, banking and CEOs. They arrive in hundreds of private planes, but they love to preach to us about our carbon footprints. Together they hold 99% of the planet’s wealth, sharing some of that with the rest of of us would be a good first step toward equality.

The covert agenda of the global elite is to microchip the population. This would create a digital identity for everyone, around the clock tracking and surveillance of every person’s actions, biometrics and even people’s thoughts, along with Chinese style social score system and a digital currency.

Were someone’s actions, or thoughts undesirable to the state, one’s debit card wouldn’t work, or you couldn’t even enter a building. Private property would not be allowed, movements would be severely restricted and everyone is to live in giant population centers:

They do give away their real intent at times. The “In the future you won’t own anything and you’ll be happy” campaign is an example:

When people don’t own anything, they depend on the government for everything and they are no longer in control of their lives. The campaign is a deceptive, milk and honey approach to get people used to what’s coming.

The hidden purpose of UN Agenda 21 was to promote the globalist’s NWO plans. It was upgraded to “Agenda 2030” around 2017, when the above post was made. 2030 had been their goalpost, but they fast tracked the agenda with the Covid “Pandemic”.

If their plans succeed, humans would be reduced to mindless robots, existing only to serve their masters, the self appointed elite, in a totalitarian society, that can be described, as a modern, technocratic version of the old feudal system, reminiscent of scenes from the movie, Hunger Games.

This was implemented with the vaccinations, that’s why the vaccines are pushed on everyone, even those, who didn’t need them.

Today’s microchips are nanosize – a nanometer is one billionth of a meter – they are invisible to the naked eye and they can be injected with the shots. One of the ingredients of the vaccines, called hydrogel, contains biosensors. They act as transmitters, capable of attaching themselves to strategic places in the human neural network.

Repeated “vaccinations” are needed to inject all the materials, that’s the real reason for the booster shots. They are also putting the mRNA into the flu shot and other vaccines.

Those, who are vaccinated obviously shouldn’t get any boosters, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system, that can reduce the negative impact of the inoculations.

Knowledge is power, please share to help raise awareness!!

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