New World Order, Part 1. Current Events

Ubiquitous media propaganda and disinformation, wars and regional conflicts, global economic developments, societal problems, such as racial tension, crime, disease and poverty home and abroad are a myriad of seemingly unrelated issues and events that are happening in the world.

When examining the underlying causes, the motivational forces behind many of these events and  human conditions, ulterior motives and hidden agendas are discovered, that can all be linked to one single unifying factor, the plan to create a New World Order, or One World Government.

The aim of this plan, initiated by a small group of influential and powerful individuals, usually referred to as the “Global Elite”, is to unify the whole world under a single government, police force and a new global language.

Considering the extent of the pain and suffering, conflicts and discord that exists in the world, if a One World Government, if this New World Order would solve all of these problems, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Unfortunately, the benevolent intentions, shown to the public by organizations carrying out this plan, are only a cover for a sinister agenda.

The story line of the movie “Hunger Games” comes close to describing the intended outcome of the NWO. In this scenario, a vile group of oligarchs rule over a population of microchipped slaves with no personal rights, or freedom, – a modern and extreme version of the medieval feudal system.

The implementation of the OWG is carried out globally, through a complex web of organization, think tanks and NGOs. In the United States, the Council of Foreign Relations, formed in 1921, is the main organizations created for this purpose.

The founders of the CFR were international bankers as well as descendants of European royalty, whose families had ruled European countries for centuries.

By 1921 these influential individuals had control of the Federal Reserve – which contrary to popular belief is a private bank – international finances and had a long reach into politics in the United States and abroad.

The CFR claims that it “is an independent, non-partisan membership organization, think tank and publisher” and it “takes no institutional positions on mattes of policy”.

This is the public face of the CFR, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, the CFR essentially dictates policy.

James Warburg, the son of one of the founders of CFR openly said to the Senate Foreign Relations Committe in 1950:

download (1)

The CFR has thousands of members, many hold powerful positions in media, education, corporations, religion and in the military.

Since 1940, almost all Secretaries of State, Secretaries of Treasury, multiple Presidents, VPs, National Security and Foreign Policy Advisers and CIA directors have been CFR members.

Top level CFR members are the shadow government. All presidents have been their puppets and were chosen by them, except JFK, who was assassinated for trying to expose this evil.

Hillary Clinton was their chosen candidate for the 2016 election. This is what she said in her speech at the new CFR headquarters:

” – I am delighted to be here in this new headquarters……’s good to have an outpost of the council right here down the street from the State Department… this means, I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

To create a One World Government, all countries must be dominated.  The elite chose the United States, as their base of operation and built the mighty US military-industrial complex to accomplish this goal.

Using sheer force and blatant aggression has been their modus operandi since WWII. They have built about 1000 US military bases around the world.

Under the cover of “spreading democracy, or “protecting human rights”, the Deep State has imposed its hegemony over other countries by force. If a country wasn’t willing to play ball with the global bully, suddenly a “dictator” would be found that had to be eliminated and a puppet government installed.

Countries that can not be forced into submission, like Russia, or Iran are vilified in the media. The Deep State can not share power with any other government to achieve its goal.

State sponsored terror, or “false flags” are another method used by government, like the US Deep State. False flags are staged events, designed to invoke a reaction from the public to gain support for a certain agenda.

A classic example of an international false flag is when Nazi operatives set the Reichstag (German government building) on fire and blamed it on Poland, creating a justification for the invasion of Poland and the start of WWII.

A more recent example is when Bashar al Assad, the President of Syria was accused of using chemical weapons on his citizens. The chemicals were used by jihadist terrorists, financed by Western powers. The aim of this false flag was to be a pretext for military intervention in Syria to bring about a regime change.

False flags, like “terrorist threat” also serve as justification for securing public funding and for enacting laws that gives the government increased control over the population. When people are in fear for their survival, they are willing to give up their personal freedom for this “protection” by the state.

More on US foreign operations: R[us]sian Aggression | The Syrian War | The Yemen Crisis

Attempting to impose global control by manipulating economies has been  another pre-eminent course of action. To create a One world government, they must put an end to nationalism and national sovereignty. Deliberate destabilization of local economies serves this purpose.

The last two, or so decades, the public has heard a lot about globalism and free trade. Globalism sounds very modern, it must be good for us and everyone benefits from free trade, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Globalism and free trade means shipping jobs overseas, at the same time increasing profits of international bankers and giving more power to transnational corporations.

In the last 20 years 55 000 factories closed in the United States, with a permanent loss of 6 million jobs.

Detroit had 290 000 manufacturing jobs in 1960 , today, it has 27 000, over 90% loss. 50% of its schools are closed and 35% of the residents live below poverty line.

“Free trade” is anything but free.

The true purpose of globalism and free trade is to weaken economies and destabilize countries. The collapse of national economies would then necessitate the creation of a Central World Bank, the dependence on that would lead to loss of  national sovereignty.

This has been seen in the European Union, where the common currency, the Euro is used to transfer power from local governments to Brussels, it’s headquarters, where unelected, faceless bureaucrats make rules the rest of Europe must follow.

While the EU is presented as an economic union, designed to benefit member states, the creation of the EU is a step toward the One World Government, as it overrules national democracies with the aim of eliminating national identity, while benefiting international finances.

Uncontrolled immigration is another scheme that serves the New World Order agenda.

A large influx of immigrants can place a burden on local economies, as well as destabilize countries by creating social conflicts. The refuge crisis that has gone on in Europe for the past several years was engineered, to destroy European culture.

Most refugees throughout history have always been women and children, since men usually stayed to fight in the armed conflict. Among the refugees flooding into Europe, there have been an unusaly high percentage of young and healthy single men.

A lot of these men are militants that have been paid to enter European countries and commit acts of domestic terrorism.


Europeans greeted them with flowers and teddy bears as they got off the train, but turned on their hosts soon after.

Women get harassed by groups of young immigrant men in a number of once safe  European cities, violent crime increased and there are now “No Go Zones”, neighborhoods, where people can not enter, for fear of their safety.

The The Syrian War, that caused the refugee crisis in the first place, was incited by the CIA. The ensuing years of destruction in Syria at the hands of ISIS that caused the flood of refugees into Europe could have been easily prevented if the United States Deep State and its allies had stopped funding ISIS, their mercenary army .

Many lawmakers don’t want to limit immigration into the United States either, they have the same motivations. These politicians are either deliberately, or unknowingly promoting the globalist agenda.

They will call anyone a racist, who wants to regulate immigration. They hide behind the smoke screen of racism, while they use media propaganda to manipulate public opinion in their favor.

Regulating immigration, vetting immigrants to find out their intentions, or placing quotas on specific countries is far from being racist, they are a standard part of the immigration process in any country and have always been practiced in the United States as well, under the administrations of either parties.

The word Globalism is being used today, because it sounds more benign, than New World Order, or One World Government. The opposite of Globalism is Nationalism.

The globalists are pushing a narrative that nationalists are white supremacists. If you love your country, you are against immigration and you are a racist.

This is pure propaganda and brainwashing to promote the values of the New World Order. The two are not mutually exclusive, it is entirely possible to love one’s country and appreciate diversity. But patriotism doesn’t agree with the globalist mindset. Again, their goal is to eliminate national identity and sovereignty.

Sanctuary cities in the United States refuse to go after criminals, hiding in their cities. Whether they are aware of it, or not, they are enacting an agenda, straight out of the NWO’s playbook.

When elected officials claim to protect democracy, but set policies to shelter undocumented immigrants, who have committed crimes, instead of protecting citizens, they become pawns in the globalist’s game and they themselves are endangering democracy.

The chemicals and toxins added to foods are another significant part of the NWO’s secret ploy. These chemicals wreak havoc on people’s health, putting the population at risk for a host of diseases and are slowly killing the them.

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The CEOs of the largest food manufacturing corporations, fast food chains, chemical companies and pharmaceutical corporations are current, or past members of the Council of Foreign Relations, or other NWO organizations.

They have total control over what goes into the food supply.

These harmful substances that are taken into the body with food, water, the air and in vaccines have such far-reaching consequences on human biology, that their use can not be explained by “corporate greed” alone, although money and profits play a big part in it.

The ultimate goal is Eugenics, by the development of biotechnology, to covertly manipulates the human DNA

The National Institute of Science is the most prominent science organization. It’s heavily funded microbiology scientist establishment in the 1970’s promoted the proliferation of genetic engineering.

Many of the NIC members were and are presently involved with the Council of Foreign Relations.

In 1982, the corrupt FDA approved the first pharmaceutical, manufactured by GE technology. In 1992 GE tomatoes were approved by the Department of Agriculture and in 1995 the EPA approved the first insecticide producing corn. [7]

David Suzuki, Geneticist: – “Humans are part of a massive experiment”.

The GMO products were approved without adequate safeguards and testing. In 1989 an outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndorme (EMS) occured among users of a genetically engineered supplement, called l-tryptophan. EMS is a very debilitating disease that is otherwise rare, the estimated death toll was 5000, many of whom suffered for years.

My goal was to highlight the connections between current political, economic and social events and the Globalist agenda in Part 1.

Part 2. The Network of NWO Organizations

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