The Syrian War

The Syrian Civil war is a great example of the depth and the extent of lies, deception and disinformation by the media.

According to nearly all news sources, the Syrian war began with pro-democracy protests. The Syrian government opened fire on the demonstrators, killing several. This triggered nationwide protests and the opposition started to arm itself. Violence escalated and the country descended into a civil war.

To deconstruct this claimed version of events, let us first go back to 2001.

Retired 4-star General Wesley Clark was the Allied Commander of Nato during Kosovo war. 

He visited the Pentagon shortly after September 11th. There he was informed that the Bush administration had decided to “take out 7 countries in 5 years”, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

You can see the interview with General Clark by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, or read the transcript:

Interview with Genera Clark by Democracy Now

I vividly remember George W. Bush’s State of the Union address of 2003 when he accused Saddam Hussein of possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction. The intent was to create a pretext for the invasion of Iraq.

We all know how that turned out, they found no WMDs. 

Sadly, nearly 300 000 combatants and over 200 000 civilians have been killed in Iraq,as a result of the lie and subsequent invasion.

Iraq body Count

Later that year, I was watching the morning news and saw a report from Syria.

They showed planes flying overhead and reported that Bashar al-Assad was using chemical weapons on his own citizens. President Obama also spoke. Using chemical weapons was the “redline”, I believe that’s how he put it.

The image above – “US backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on the Assad’s regime” – is an article that was published, but quickly deleted. Of course, the public wasn’t supposed to know this.

Obama was just as complicit in the execution of the plan to impose American hegemony in the Middle East, as President Bush.

There was a chemical attack against the Syrian people, but not by the Syrian government. The US government gave Sarin gas to rebels to use it, so that they can blame it on Al Assad.

This is called a false flag, a commonly used tactic by negative groups, to deceive the public and gain support for the implementation of a certain agenda.

The Syrian War did start with pro-democracy protests. What was called the “Arab Spring” were demonstrations, protests and riots in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries.

These led to positive changes in nearly all of those countries, some minor and some as significant, as the regime change in Egypt.

In Syria, the demonstrators demanded the end of corruption, the release of prisoners and the end of emergency law.

Emergency law in some of the Middle Eastern countries was a type of Martial Law, aimed to centralized power and silence public dissent, it prohibited groups of people from gathering, implemented censorship among other measures.

Assad responded to the protester’s demands. He dismissed governors of provinces where corruption was rampant, released some prisoners and ended emergency law.

Arab Sring / Gikipedia

The Arab Springs demonstrations were mainly peaceful in Syria and Al Assad complied with the protesters demands. So why did the country descend into a civil war?

The intent of the false flag chemical attack by the US backed rebels was to cause an outcry against Assad and justify a military intervention in Syria.

It did not have the desired effect. Creating a conflict by arming the opposition was the Western powers next strategic move to take down the Assad regime.

Some time later that year, watching the morning news once again, I was shown images and a video of a large groups of militants in Syria. They were  dressed in all black and called themselves ISIS.

Where do these people come from and what do they have against the Assad regime? 

A large group of militants like these don’t just appear out of thin air, the fighters must be hired, trained and well funded.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS was a prisoner of the US forces in Iraq in 2006. ISIS grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Syria received help from Russia and the Western powers were not able to intervene directly militarily, so they created a Mercenary army, that would do this for them.

While the US government pretended to fight ISIS, together with their allies in the Middle East they secretly funded them.

The Mainstream Media has been complicit all along and spoon fed the public these lies, publishing fake images and videos of the conflict.

A common method of inciting strong emotional reactions in people is showing fake images of children in distress.

The one below is a typical example:

Egypt Arrests Five People using Children Stage Fake Aleppo Footage

The image was taken from a music video that was released in 2014.

During the siege of Aleppo, videos were circulating on social media, showing residents of Aleppo pleading for help. They claimed that a genocide was taking place at the hands of the Syrian government forces.

These people aren’t who they claim to be, they are activists and filmmakers.

Activists and Film Makers on Social Media Exposed

The Syrian forces were in fact doing the opposite, they were liberating Aleppo from ISIS. 

Syrians love President Assad.

In 2014 he was re-elected for a third, 7 year term, he received 88.7% of the votes.

It was a multi-candidate election and international observers declared the election as fair and transparent.

Syrian Presidential Election

While the Western Media portrayed Assad as a dictator, who had ordered the killing of his own people, he was actually protecting and successfully defended his country from foreign invaders.

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