The Yemen Crisis [Update]

It has been a year since I wrote the article, titled: The Yemen Crisis, bringing attention to the plight of the Yemeni people, in what has been the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Quotes from the article:

“In March 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started a bombing campaign against Yemen. This was done to support the Saudi backed corrupt Yemeni government. The United States has provided arms and logistical support for Saudi Arabia and Saudi airplanes have been routinely refueled in midair by the US air force ever since.”

“The US backed Saudi bombing has been a widespread and systematic attack on civilian targets, medical facilities, schools, mosques, markets and civilian gatherings, like weddings.”

“A blockade has been imposed through land, sea and air, preventing food, medicine and supplies from reaching Yemen. US warships assist the Saudi imposed blockade of the ports.”

“These war crimes, committed at the hands of Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Middle-East, enabled by the Western powers of US, UK and France since 2015 against the poorest country in the Middle-East, have consistently broken international laws.”

The genocide in Yemen by the Saudis is continuing today. An estimated 17,000 civilians have lost their lives, up from 13,600 from a year ago.

22.2 Million are in need of assistance – 1 Million more than in December 2017, that is more than 80% of the Yemeni population.

But there is a positive development. The US Senate has finally voted (in December 2018) to end US support for the war in Yemen.

Two key factors contributed to the growing support for the proposal, the Saudi bombing of a school bus in August, filled with Yemeni children and what the CIA believes to be the Saudi government sanctioned killing of journalist, Khashoggi.

Although the House still has to pass the resolution and President Trump has to sign it to make it a done deal, it is a “profound message”.

“It says to the country, it says to the world, the United States Senate says we will not be part of this brutal, horrific war in Yemen, led by and undemocratic, despotic regime” – Sen. Bernie Sanders

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