Ukraine 2014: Atrocities by the Obama/Biden Administration Revealed

“Everyone started shooting two, or three shots at a time. It went on for fifteen, twenty minutes. We had no choice. We were ordered to shoot both on the police and demonstrators without any difference.”

–  Testimony of one of the snipers, hired to fire down into the crowd in Maidan Square.

“Euromaidan” the uprising in Kiev, in 2014 was presented to the public, as a democratic revolution. What it really was, a bloody coup by the Obama/Biden administration, to overthrow a democratically elected government. [1]

Watch Ukrainian deputy presenting proof that the US was staging a civil war in Ukraine:  (click on closed caption to read the English translation)

Preparations for the coup began in 2011 inside the US Embassy in Kiev. American instructors were training Ukrainian operatives in “information warfare”, how to influence public opinion using social media, how to organize protests, how to provoke a violent unrest and radicalize the population to topple Victor Yanukovich, the democratically elected president of Ukraine.

The project was overseen by the then US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R Pyatt. [2]

The bloody coup in Ukraine was one of a long list of covert regime change operations by the CIA. For an overview, read:  R[us]sian Aggression

Mercenaries were hired from Georgia and Lithuania, like the sharpshooter quoted above, from Israel [3] and from both of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi parties.

The Right Sector and the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine were both fascist-racist parties, with a history of violence against Jews and ethnic Russians.                            Andriy Parubiy, the co-founder of the Social Nationalist Party was the leader of the    2004 CIA operaton, called ” Orange Revolution”.

The CIA told Parubiy to change the name of the party to Svoboda, that means freedom.

The founder of the Right Sector, Dmitriy Yarosh [4] has trained paramilitary groups for 25 years. His people carried out the most violent operations in Ukraine.


Parubiy and Yarosh were the leaders of the radical elements of the uprising and the organizers of the violence, that lead to the overthrow of Victor Yanukovich.

Dissatisfaction about government corruption was exploited. Public opinion was manipulated through mainstream and social medias. Protests were organized and the crowd size was increased by paid protesters. [5]

Then, with groups of neo-Nazis attacking peaceful anti-Maidan protesters on the ground and the snipers shooting from the top of buildings, the demonstrations were turned violent.

The Western Media claimed that the snipers were deployed by the Ukraine government and the police shot at the protesters.

Later examination of the entry of bullets, witness testimonies and videos of the snipers confirmed that the shots were fired both at the police and the protesters from the same locations, from the top of buildings, controlled by the radical groups. The police didn’t carry weapons until the end, when they life was in danger.

A research paper, done by Prof. Ivan Katchanovski, offers a detailed, 80 page analysis of the “snipers massacre” on Maidan Square. [6]

One of the snipers, a Georgian named  Alexander Revazeshvilli, came forward in 2015. He and others were paid $1000 beforehand and promised another $5000 after the “job” was done, which they never received.

He was interviewed by an Italian newspaper, Il Giornale. [7]

In a leaked audio of a telephone call between Victoria Nuland, the then assistant Secretary of State and Geoffrey Pyatt,  they are heard discussing who would be in charge of the interim government. This was several weeks before the coup took place. [8]

Most of the US public only saw Nuland handing out cookies in Maidan Square. Standing next to her is Ambassador Pyatt.

Image result for victoria nuland handing out cookies

After all, this is about compassion and promoting democracy…..

Victor Yanukovich and other top officials fled to Russia, as a result of the violence. Petro Poroshenko became the US installed puppet president.

The Ukrainian army was ordered start ethnic cleansing of Eastern Ukraine. They began shelling cities, with artillery fire killing thousands of innocent civilians. [9]

The majority of population of both Eastern Ukraine and Crimea are native Russians. These two areas were part of Russia until 1952. They didn’t accept the legitimacy of the newly elected US friendly government. [10]

Local governments were ordered by Kiev, to take over buildings, occupied by Russian speaking Ukrainians. Violence broke out in many cities.

On May 2nd 2014, in Odessa, groups of US-NATO backed neo-Nazis were bussed in and massacred 126 pro-Russians. In plain sight, with no fear of consequences, these savages that the Western media has portrayed as freedom fighters, burned, shot, tortured, raped and strangled helpless victims. [11]

What transpired there, is so gruesome, that the “Odessa Massacre” will one day be considered one of the darkest days in European history. [12]

Update on 5.3.21. Neo-Nazis March in Odessa on the 7th Anniversary of the Maidan Massacre

Another tragic event that took place is known as the Korsun Massacre. Some of the anti-Maidan protesters in Kiev were Crimeans. When they saw the violence against them, they huried back to their buses. The “Right Sector” paramilitary groups, backed by the US, chased after them and stopped them at the city of Korsun. The armed thugs set some of the buses on fire and beat, stabbed, or shot many of the Crimeans. [13]

A civil war broke out in Donbass, Eastern Ukraine as a result of the ongoing genocide, that continues to this day. Over 10 000 civilians have been killed, 1.5 Million have been displaced and about 1 Million fled to Russia, creating a humanitarian crisis.

The coup in Kiev was the culmination of the US Deep State’s long time strategy for Ukraine. By installing a US friendly president, Ukraine joins the EU and NATO could advance to Russia”s border, which is already surrounded by US military bases.

Russia stands in the way of US global hegemony. Countries that refuse to play by Washington’s rules, are always demonized by the US media. Read: R[US]sian Aggression


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