R[US]sian Aggression

Update in January, 2022:

Putin, the media’s all purpose boogey man once again dominates the news, in light of the Ukraine crisis. Following 2016, Russian meddling in the presidential election was the media’s obsession.

A look back in history is revealing of who the real aggressor is and how the “Russian Aggression” meme is used as a distraction.

[published in December, 2017] As hysteria over Russian meddling in the US elections went on, people around the world were asking:

– How does it feel?….

The Unted States meddled in other countries elections 81 times between 1947 and 2000, it wouldn’t be easy to find a country in the world that has not been affected by US interventions in the last 60 years.

It is surprising to find the story of “the US meddled in the elections of 81 countries” in mainstream media sources. [1]

It’s obvious why, the US interventions around the world are portrayed in the media as benevolent actions, they did it during the cold war to counter the threat from the USSR, or they were done for humanitarian reasons to spread democracy.

This is the “official version” of history, the real story is quite the opposite.

Under the pretense of protecting human rights and spreading democracy, the United States covert military operations destroyed democracies, installed dictators and committed assassinations with complete disregard for the human rights and the sovereignty of other nations.[2]

A few examples from history:

Within months after the creation of the FBI, it went to work to interfere with the 1948 election in Italy. [3] Millions of dollars were donated to the “US friendly” christian democratic party that had been nazi sympathizers, to defeat the popular socialist party.

The full power of the US propaganda machine went to work  at home and abroad.

Operation Gladio, a paramilitary group 15 000 strong were armed and trained by the CIA, to execute a military coup, in case the election doesn’t turn out as desired.

In Chile, Salvador Allende was democratically elected in 1970. Nixon couldn’t let that happen, “Make the economy scream” – he said.  With US financial backing, guerilla warfare, arson, terror followed, that paralyzed the country.

In 1973 the CIA incited a  military coup in which Allende died.

Roger Burbach: [4]

In Santiago on September 11, 1973 I watched as Chilean air force jets flew overhead. Moments later I heard explosions and saw fireballs of smoke fill the sky as the presidential palace went up in flames. Salvador Allende, the elected Socialist president of Chile died in the palace.”

What followed was 18 years of terror at the hands of the dictator Pinochet regime, installed by the United States.

In 1981 in El Salvador, the poor and oppressed rose up and demanded social justice.

Upon learning that the US planned to provide economic and military support to the right wing military government,  that was killing protesters by the hundreds, Archbishop Oscar Romero wrote to President Carter, “Christian to Christian” asked him to stop giving aid. [5]

Carter did not respond. Nine days later Romero was gunned down at the altar.

In the village of El Mozote, 900 villagers were killed. Several of the soldiers were graduates of the “School of the Americas” operated by the US, that taught how to kill, extort and torture.

A total of 6 billion dollars was given in aid and close 100 000 El Salvadoran were killed by the time the war ended.

Yugoslavia was a socialist federation. When the USSR dissolved, the ethnic and religious differences were exploited. [6] On President Clinton’s watch, in 1999, the US and Nato bombed Kosovo, breaking international law, falsely calling it humane intervention. 10 000 civilians died, including 3500 children. [7]

When asked how the war started, a Serbian friend told me the Mujahadeen came into their country.  

The Mujahadeen were paid instigators, financed by the US, who had also started the war in Afghanistan a decade earlier. Once again they were used as mercenaries to destabilize Yugoslavia.

The Obama administration backed a Neo-nazi party in Ukraine to undermine the democratically elected president Victor Yanukovich. [8] They succeeded in overthrowing him in a bloody coup in 2014. This started a civil war, [9] in which US backed paramilitary groups started ethnic cleansing of those who supported Yanukovich.

Eric Zuese:

“Crimeans immediately scrambled back into the eight buses that had taken them to Kiev and headed homeward, but the U.S.-government-backed Right Sector paramilitaries went in hot pursuit of the buses, and burnt some of them and massacred many of the demonstrators, outside of Kiev, in the town of Korsun. This became “the Korsun Massacre”, [10]

More on Ukraine:  Ukraine: Atrocities of the Deep State Revealed

The number 81 does not represent a complete list of US military operations.

It doesn’t include full on invasions, like in Iraq, or in Libya. assassinations and other clandestine activities that probably only a few insiders know about.

An estimated 50 assassinations of foreign world leaders took place at the hands of the CIA. [11]

20-30 Million people have been killed since WWII, as a result of the United States foreign interventions by the US military, by proxy armies, by providing supplies in form of arms and training, or as a consequence of economic sanctions. [12]

UN sanctions against Iraq in the 90’s caused the death of 560 000 children, while a total Iraqi deaths following the invasion by the US and the subsequent war exceed 600 000.

Libya descended into chaos after the US invasion and Gaddafi’s murder. Islamic fundamentalists took over and the country reverted to medieval practices, like slave trade.

Hillary Clinton laughed as she boasted: “We came, we saw, he died”.

The invasion of Libya is a glaring example of how the many psychopaths of the US Deep State operate. They lie and manipulate to start a conflict to dominate others and shift the blame away from themselves. Millions die and they laugh about it, as if it was a joke. [13]

No country could stand in the way of US global hegemony. They were either destroyed, or if that’s not feasible, like in the case of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, they are demonized in the media, accused of aggression, or human rights violations. [14]

However, if a country allows the installation of US military bases, they are free from scrutiny.

There are about 1000 US military bases around the world. [15] Russia is surrounded by them. Nuclear weapons are trained on Moscow, yet our “leaders” in Washington talk about Russian aggression.

Any discussion on interfering in other countries elections needs to start with a disclosure of the death and destruction the US war machine left in its path around the world and how they got away with murder.

It is important to note that the atrocities that were committed, were due to the power and influence of “Deep State”, a warmongering negative faction within the government, military and in the intelligence agencies and the brave men and women in the military are victims in this themselves.


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