Social Engineering and the Media

Is the way we experience life a mere coincidence, the result of spontaneous human evolution, or are there unseen forces at work, a “hidden hand”, creating an artificial construct that appears to us as normal and natural?

If the latter was the case, there is no better invention for the controllers, than the television. It’s in almost everyone’s home, most people spend several hours a day watching it, so it would give them easy and constant access to the population.

The word television itself reads tell-a-vision. Is this truth hidden in plain sight?

Are “Television programs” called that because they are intended to program people’s minds?

Even a short time spent watching television causes the mind to become passive,  similar to being under hypnosis, in which state the subconscious is easily influenced by images on the screen.

The study of Psycho-Politics, how to influence public habits and opinions was based on radio propaganda, used in Nazi Germany during WWII.

Spreading misinformation was turned into a science, that has used the television and now social media, as their instruments.

Blatant lies in the news can be believable to viewers through repetition and reinforcement by multiple sources, while the method most often used to deceive the public is the “spin”, news presented with a slant, based on the desired narrative, a distortion of the truth.

Entertainment in the media has been another powerful tool for social engineering. Violence in movies, music lyrics and video games have tremendous influence on the subconscious and this has been an effective part of propaganda machine.

Jerry Kroth’s excellent videos explain it in detail:

In addition to content in the media, even visual effects can be used to alter brain neurology.

The big screen TVs of today probably enhance this effect.

Influence people through the media is a part of a larger effort, that is Social Engineering.

That also includes education, money matters and biochemistry.

By biochemistry I mean everything that we put in our bodies with food, drinks, the air, or pharmaceuticals.

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As I was typing: “Blatant lies…..”, CBS was reporting on Syria. (I watch television to stay current on  the propaganda)

Quote:  – ”Bashar al-Assad destroyed Syria, in order to stay its president. He committed every crime in the book, bombing civilians, gassing neighborhoods and torturing prisoners.

Good timing, I needed an example of a blatant lie in the media.   

Read:  The Syrian War

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