The Enemy Within: Part 2. Marxist Subversion of America

In Part 1. “Marxist Infiltration of America“, it was described, how Cultural Marxism influenced the American culture and transformed society, by infiltrating and taking control of academia and other institutions in the United States.

There are two areas of activities, in which the subversive, deceptive strategies are implemented. One is to attack traditions, such as the family, religion, constitutional freedoms and also healthy sexuality. The subversion of these societal norms is intended to weaken and demoralize society.

The other is a tactic is one, that has been used since the beginning of time to control people: divide and conquer. Dividing the population into squabbling factions also weakens and denigrates a nation. Indoctrination in schools and propaganda in the media have deeply polarized Americans.

Cultural Marxism is disguised in the United States, as liberalism, or progressivism. Liberty and progress are positive concepts, so this must be good for us, right? Let’s see what’s behind some of this “progress”.

The Black Lives Matter organization (and Progressives), seek to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family, saying it is a “capitalist invention”. But family units were not “invented” by Western culture, they existed around the world, long before the industrial revolution, that lead to capitalism.

Seven out of ten black children grow up in a single parent household today. 85% of youth in prison grew up in fatherless homes. They are five times as likely to drop out of school and commit crimes, four times as likely to live in poverty and twice as likely to commit suicide.

The nuclear family is the backbone of a healthy society, headed by two loving parents it is the safest and most stable environment for raising children. It is not the dissolution, but the restoration of families that saves black and all other lives.

There was someone else, who wanted to abolish the family too, his name was Karl Marx. His communist ideology called for raising children in communes, away from their parents, where they could be indoctrinated. BLM’s founders openly admitted of being Marxist activists.

Also at the beginning of 2021, Congress introduced a legislation, to ban the words: father, mother, son, daughter from the congressional language. It is bizarre, but this is also an attack on the nuclear family.

Religious liberties have also been under attack by progressives and liberals. There have been bans of displays of Nativity scenes and the Ten Commandments on public property, as a result of lawsuits, bans on saying “Merry Christmas” by companies and say “Happy Holidays” instead.

There has been violence against religious organizations, opposition to their funding, elimination of prayer and religious expression in schools and bans on religious activities in the military. The mainstream media has routinely mocked and marginalized Christians, for beliefs, held and practiced by most Americans.

Marx had a disdain for religion, he believed that the ruling class maintained power, by giving the proletariat false hope by it: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world and the soul of a soulless nation. It is the opiate of the people.”

Religious practices tend to benefit everyone, they promote the well-being of individuals, families and society. Religious Americans are more involved with their communities and are generally happier. So why such hostility against religion?

It is because a totalitarian state demands total devotion to its ideology. In the course of building a Communist society, Marxists must fight religion, because it stands in their path. That is why the Soviet Union had the elimination of religion, as its ideological objective.

The communist regime confiscated church property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers and propagated atheism in schools. Sounds familiar?

Our constitution is also in the cross hairs of progressives. They claim that it is outdated, inadequate and out of step with modern needs. The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, the 14th gave blacks citizenship, the 15th gave them the right to vote, the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote (all passed by Republicans).

The freedom of speech, assembly, religion, the right to own property, the right for privacy. What part of this might be outdated and what “progress” would result, by abolishing the constitution?

Free speech is already under attack on college campuses and on social media, those who hold a different view are bullied for simply having different opinion. The cancel culture convicts people in the court of public opinion and destroys their lives, with no regard to due process.

The goal of Cultural Marxism is to impose total control over people’s lives, by turning the United States into a socialist / communist country. Our constitution is attacked, because it is an obstacle to that, it was created to protect us from such a tyranny.

The “Toxic Masculinity” narrative was invented by progressives to wage a war on men. Labeling masculinity as toxic is a way of blaming men for simply being men. It is a way of “pathologizing” manhood.

It is intended to shame men and feminize them. The strong male is a role model, thus emasculating men weakens the family unit. Feminized men with low testosterone levels are also less likely to “storm the gates of the castle” and start a revolution.

At the same time, transgender ideology is promoted in schools. A bogus term, called gender fluidity was invented to create gender confusion in children. Age-inappropriate sex education, such as masturbation, anal sex and homosexuality are included in curriculums.

The media, entertainment and academia are doing their part in pushing these agendas on society. There is also a campaign to normalize pedophilia and make it into a sexual orientation. The controversial Netflix show, “Cuties” is an example of the sexualization of young girls, that is part of the effort.

One of Marx’s followers, George Lukacs was the head of the department of education in Hungary in the 1920’s. He came up with the idea of introducing radical programs, that included handing out graphic material to children. His compulsory sex education was designed to undermine christian morality.

The destruction of traditional values and erosion of sexual morals leads to cultural decay and the breakdown of a society. Sending the United States downward into societal abyss and destroying Western culture is what Cultural Marxists, now operating behind the banner of “modern liberalism”, or progressivism, intended all along.

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  1. These have been well written (None Political) in the way most Americans will understand where they should be published and passed out to every child and parent entering or exiting every school system in America. These people need exposed and the sooner the better

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