The Enemy Within: Part 1. Marxist Infiltration of America

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within… for the traitor moves among those within the gates freely”…”He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city.” – Cicero

It has long been predicted, that if the United States falls, it would be by being destroyed from within. An invading enemy on US soil would face “a rifle behind every blade of grass”, as a Japanese admiral once remarked during WWII.

The highest form of warfare is one, in which the enemy is conquered, without shots being fired. War by attrition, infiltrating the adverserial nation, then weaken and demoralize it by engineering conflicts within it can lead to its self destruction.

It was a Century ago, when the plan was made to destroy the freedom and independence of the United States.

In 1919, at the hotel Majestic, Paris in a smoke filled room, the most influential bankers and industrialists from the US and Britain met to forge plans for the future of the United States.

The outcome of the meeting was the founding of the Council on Foreign Relation (CFR), a shadowy oganization, that up to this day, dictates US policy.

Instrumental to this effort on the American side was a Texan, named Edward Mandel House. He was an adviser to President Woodrow Wilson, called Wilson’s “alter ego”. He held no position in the administration, yet influenced domestic and foreign policy, more than anyone.

House surrounded himself with prominent members of the Fabian Socialist Society. He once stated that he was working for “Socialism, as dreamed of by Karl Marx..”. In 1912, he wrote a book, titled Philip Dru: Administrator. In it, he outlined how America would be conquered by controlling both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Central to the plan was the implementation of income tax and central banks, as well as a conspiracy to rig primary elections, so only politicians are elected to office, whose views are aligned with theirs. The book was written as fiction, yet the ideas expressed in it became laws in the years, that followed.

The Federal Reserve system was established and the income tax law was passed in 1913, marking the beginning of what was essentially the hijacking of the US Republic.

Once the US was turned into a socialist state, its power and influence would be leveraged, to spread socialism worldwide, with the final goal of creating a one world totalitarian government.

Marxism is based on the works of Karl Marx, a 19th Century revolutionary and philosopher, born in Germany. Marx held the view, that human societies develop through class conflict. “All history is the history of class struggle”, he wrote in his Communist Manifesto.

In a capitalist economic system this manifests itself as a conflict between the ruling class (buorgeoisie) and the working class (proletariat). He predicted that the tensions arising from this class struggle would inevitably lead to a revolution, a forcible overthrow of existing social conditions and the creation of a new, classless, communist society.

The communist dictatorships that adapted the Marxist ideology in the 20th Century – Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, the former Eastern Bloc, Cuba, North Korea – became the most repressive regimes. An estimated 100 Million died, as a result of executions, famine, or labor camps and 1 Billion were enslaved – and many still are – in those totalitarian states.

But in the Western world, Marx’s prediction did not come true, the “proletariat” did not rise up. On the contrary, free market capitalism continually improved the conditions of the working class.

Marx’s followers were disappointed, that the socialist revolution they hoped for failed to materialize in Western Europe and in America. Some of them, named Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse and Horkheimer came up with a new strategy.

Instead of an economic revolution igniting a cultural revolution, as Marx asserted it, cultural transformation could be the trigger for societal change. A “march through the institutions”, as Gramsci called it, was to be a broad based attack on Western culture, through the media, movie industry, publishing and universities, hence the term “Cultural Marxism”.

Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse among others represented the Frankfurt School, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Founded in 1923, this institution was dedicated to Marxist studies, with the goal of translating Marxism from economic, to cultural terms.

After 1933, the Nazis forced the school’s closure, which prompted their move to Columbia University, New York, the hotbed of socialist movement in the US and Princeton University, where their research continued with the help of a grant by the Rockefeller foundation.

The Frankfurt School’s interpretation of Marxist philosophy is called Critical Theory. Some of the key issues Critical Theory deals with are critique of capitalist society, social emancipation as well as detection of pathologies of society, hence “critical” theory.

That sounds reasonable and well thought out, but it’s a misleading, sugarcoated description of what it really does. Critical Theory is Cultural Marxism in disguise.

Just as Marx divided people along class lines, as victims and their oppressors, the goal of Critical Theory is to create victims out of racial minorities, immigrants, homosexuals, women and pit one group against another to achieve political power.

Behind the banner of Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism is taught in higher education, sometimes under the labels “social sciences”, or “cultural studies”. There are entire academic departments at universities, dedicated to it.

Critical Theory is an incoherent, illogical ideology, but cultural Marxists learned how to deceive it’s students and use legitimate issues, in order to manipulate the masses into cooperation.

Cultural Marxism is the source of identity politics, and political correctness, that has divided the United States. It is why so many young Americans hate their country and why so many support socialism and communism today.

Cultural Marxism is also camoflauged as “liberalism“, or “progressivism, it is what’s behind the attacks on the nuclear family, religion, the constitution, the male role model and sexual morals.

These traditions and social norms provide the cohesion, necessary to a functioning society. The goal of Cultural Marxism is to subvert the pillars of Western culture and dismantle free democracies.

Considering how Americans are divided along racial, gender, class, religious and political lines, the conflicts and discord that exists, the “march throught the institutions” of the West has been largely successful.

It is now “two minutes to midnight”, there is little time left, but it’s still possible to reverse the course, by exposing and routing out this cancer on society.

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