The Covid Files

A series of articles. exposing the Covid narrative.

This Is How They Planned Covid

Funding of the Wuhan laboratory and a pandemic announcement by Dr. Fauci in 2018? Pandemic exercise and hundreds of thousands of Covid kits sold in 2019?

Reporting Bias in Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy

Covid vaccine effectiveness was far lower, than claimed. This article explains how the pharmaceutical companies deceived the public.

SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility Post Vaccination

A review of studies that proved vaccinated transmission and debunked the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” narrative.

How I Protect Myself From Viral and Spike Protein Shedding

A personal protection routine from someone, who works in a high risk environment.

How the Media Lied about Covid

Hospitals were full, but the number of Covid patients was low. Yet, the media kept up the fearmongering.

Is The NIH Promoting Horse Dewormer?

Suppression of the so-called horse dewormer lead to the death of 750,000 Americans.

6 Reasons Why I Did Not Take the Covid Vaccine

At the end of 2020, even before mass vaccinations began, it was known that the Covid vaccines did not prevent the transmission of the virus and 22 serious adverse reactions had already been documented from the trials.

Pandemic, or Pandemonium?

From March of 2020, the media covered the crisis 7/24, doomsday style. Their reporting was designed to make the situation look worse and create panic.

6 Great Covid Lies

“Safe and Effective” – a few months after vaccinations began, infections, hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed among the jabbed.

The Great Reset: Sustainability, or Serfdom?

If the protection of public health isn’t the reason for vaccination, then what is? The “Great Reset” agenda provides the answer.

Covid Shots and Transhumanism

The ultimate goal of the Covid crisis was to advance the Elite’s transhumanist agenda.

The Best Vaccine Is Healthy Food…

Lesson learned two years after it all started.

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