The Best Vaccine Is Healthy Food…

… I used to say half jokingly, when flu seasons came around. Except for a few, most people would roll their eyes upon hearing that. What I have learned from the two year Covid crisis, was that my half-hearted statements of the past were true.

I work as a massage therapist in a high risk environment – in close quarters with limited ventilation and in physical contact – with people. Yet, I have not had been sick with covid. I contribute this to a strong immune system I acquired, by simply eating healthy food.

What protects us from disease and heals us from them, is our immune system and daily nutrition provides the building blocks for strong and healthy immune function.

I’m not anti-vaccine but through my research I discovered, that the covid shots came with many risks. An internal FDA document revealed no less, than 22 serious adverse reactions, even before mass vaccinations began.

I explained in detail why I decided not to get the shots in this article: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine. | Also related: Reporting Bias in Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy

I did feel under the weather on two occasion, I was experiencing fatigue and muscle pain that lasted a day, or two, but no pulmonary involvement – cough, shortness of breath, or fever – symptoms, typical of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. My antibody test came back negative, indicating no previous Covid pathology.

Getting sick can be beneficial, the immune system adapts to fighting the invading pathogen and remembers it during future infections. The fact, that I recovered quickly suggests, that the immune adaptation occurred in a short time.

Immunity gained naturally, is superior to vaccine induced immunity, it is longer lasting, without the risk of adverse reactions. Our innate immune system can also adopt to new strains within hours, as opposed to inoculations. By the time a new vaccine is marketed, the virus has already mutated, rendering it ineffective.

I gradually changed my eating habits in the years, leading up to 2019, replacing processed, sugary foods with fruits, vegetables and whole foods. I described my journey in this post: The 98% Diet – Healthy and Fulfilling

The feature image shows some of my “vaccines”, drying on the countertop.

Regardless of vaccination status, 78% of severe covid cases were obese individuals, deficient of Vitamin D and glutathione, a master anti-oxidant. Yet, government “health” experts only pushed the vaccines and never promoted a healthy lifestyle, or the importance of weight management and nutrition.

Glutathione levels declines as we age…

.. but can be elevated through proper nutrition. Cruciferous vegetables are high in glutathione. I eat three of them, kale, broccoli and brussel sprouts every day. Taking N-acetyl-cysteine is another way to raise glutathione levels, “NAC” is an amino acid, that is the main precursor to glutathione production.

During the course of 2021, I also started taking supplements and herbs and began to take detox baths. I have called this my personal protection routine and it is described in this post: How I Protect Myself From Viral and Spike Protein Shedding

This health protocol can also help those, who are vaccinated and are experiencing adverse reactions.

The Covid crisis was a challenging and scary time, but because I believed in the power of nutrition and natural healing, I stayed healthy, without injecting harmful vaccines into my body and I continue benefiting from the dietary and lifestyle changes I made, for the rest of my life.

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