The Yemen Crisis | Update

The Yemen Crisis has been the largest and most underreported humanitarian crisis in the world since 2015.

Quotes from my original article in December, 2017:

“In March 2015, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started a bombing campaign against Yemen. This was done to support the Saudi backed corrupt Yemeni government. The United States has provided arms and logistical support for Saudi Arabia and Saudi airplanes have been routinely refueled in midair by the US air force ever since.”

“The US backed Saudi bombing has been a widespread and systematic attack on civilian targets, medical facilities, schools, mosques, markets and civilian gatherings, like weddings. Yemen did not attack Saudi Arabia and has little air force, or air defenses.”

“A blockade has been imposed through land, sea and air, preventing food, medicine and supplies from reaching Yemen. US warships assist the Saudi imposed blockade of the ports.”

“These war crimes, committed at the hands of Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Middle-East, enabled by the Western powers of US, UK and France since 2015 against the poorest country in the Middle-East, have consistently broken international laws.”

“Starvation is used as a weapon on the people of Yemen, that has resulted in the largest humanitarian disaster in modern history.”

Sadly, 5 years later the situation in Yemen has gotten even worse and the rest of the world continues to turn a blind eye.

23.5 Million people, 80% of the Yemeni population are still in need of humanitarian assistance, as a result of the destruction of water and sanitary infrastructure, along with food storage facilities farms.

By December 2017, the number of childrens, killed were 5000. According to a March, 2022 report by Unicef, that number has more than doubled to 10,200. This is not collateral damage, civilians are being targeted. The actual number of child deaths are likely much higher.

The total number of deaths increased more than tenfold, from 13,600 in 2017, to 150,000 today. The number of persons, suffering from malnutrition stood at 167,000 in 2017. That has also increased tenfold to 170,000.

More than 4 Million have been displaced from their homes since March of 2022. Cholera cases, an easily manageable disease with access to basic medical care, have skyrocketed.

Every 10 minutes, a child under 5 dies in Yemen from preventable causes, while at least 11,300 need life saving aid.

We often hear politicians expressing concerns about human rights abuses in foreign countries and billions of taxpayers dollars are given annually, as financial aid for various causes. Then why is the US government still enabling Saudi Arabia, to commit these atrocities and why isn’t the Yemen Crisis front page news?

Here are other examples of pain and suffering, brought about by the United States government’s “compassionate” foreign policies: Ukraine 2014 | The Syrian War | R[US]sian Aggression

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