SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility Post Vaccination

Vaccine mandates were being imposed on populations around the world during 2021/22, especially in the USA, Europe and other Western countries. These Orwellian policies were justified by the false claim, that Covid vaccines give immunity and only the unvaccinated spread the virus. This article presents conclusive evidence to the contrary. Although initially the vaccines did … Continue reading SARS-CoV-2 Transmissibility Post Vaccination

Covid Shots and Transhumanism

A belief, that the next step in humanity's evolution is transhumanism, the enhancement of the human condition by means of science and technology has long been held by intellectuals, world leaders and influential individuals. A "marriage of man and machine", implanting technology into the human body would allow humans to evolve beyond their current physical … Continue reading Covid Shots and Transhumanism

How I Protect Myself From Viral and Spike Protein Shedding

[Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal routine, this is not medical advice and not intended to replace recommendations from your medical professionals.] Viral shedding is the process of expulsion of a virus from the body into the environment, where it can lead to infections, a "person to person" transmission. Covid vaccines are non-sterilizing, that means … Continue reading How I Protect Myself From Viral and Spike Protein Shedding

The Great Reset: Sustainability, or Serfdom?

It was not long after the Corona virus pandemic began in 2020, when news of the "Great Reset" appeared in the media. Klaus Swaab, founder and CEO of WEF, the World Economic Forum: "Re-imagine" is a buzzword, often used to describe a vision, to address social injustice, or other undesirable aspects of society. It is … Continue reading The Great Reset: Sustainability, or Serfdom?

The Woke Virus is a Global Threat

The Woke virus is the greatest threat to civilization today, it has the potential to wipe out freedom everywhere. In Woke Culture: Its Origins and Agendas, it was described, how the Woke Culture, hiding behind a smoke screen of social justice, attacks and cancels anyone who questions their agendas. Their goal is to eliminate opposing voices … Continue reading The Woke Virus is a Global Threat

From Democracy to Dictatorship in 3 Steps

The strategies by which tyrannical regimes were created throughout history, can be simplified in 3 steps. This process is now taking place in the United States, with step number 3 being implemented. Use a real, or staged event as a flashpoint. Blame and denounce your political opposition. Enact policies to eliminate dissent, until power is … Continue reading From Democracy to Dictatorship in 3 Steps

“There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

...and if you believe it, you are a brainwashed Trump supporter, a cultist and a domestic terrorist." This is the message we've been seeing in the mainstream media since the presidential election. When a political party labels its opponents terrorists and extremists, that is an agenda to suppress dissent and create a one party rule … Continue reading “There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine

DNA Manipulation Unlike traditional vaccines, Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines, a first in the history of vaccinations. Based on new and untested technology, mRNA vaccines have the ability to penetrate the cells and reprogram, alter our DNA. While traditional vaccines can be "detoxed" from the body, RNA vaccine's effects are permanent. Damage to our DNA … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Covid Vaccine