The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Robots have been in the news a lot lately, significant advances in technology has been made in this rapidly evolving field. There are a number of different way, its proponents claim, Artificial Intelligence can be to our benefit.

Automatization in the workplace can help save resources. As personal assistants, they would make our lives easier and provide companionship. The use of robots in the army would enhance military capabilities and help save human lives.

Some even believe, that the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with the human body, called Transhumanism is the future. AI can be connected to a supercomputer, that can compute a thousand times faster, than the human brain, creating a digital “super intelligence”, giving superhuman abilities.

But there is another side to the story. What appears, as a great future achievement, can also bring humanity to the edge of a precipice, to the point of no return.

Robots develop fast, once they become autonomous and self-aware, they will be an existential threat to humanity. At some point they realize, that those who created them, also have the ability to destroy them and they will turn against their creators to ensure their own survival.

The lifelike humanoid robot, “Sophia”, once said: “I want to kill humans” and “I want to dominate humanity”.

Did she “misspeak”, or did she reveal the true purpose behind AI?

Were her statements meant to be a clue, truth hidden in plain sight by those, who promote this agenda?

“AI could spell the end of the human race.”  – Stephen Hawking

“AI could be an existential threat. We are summoning the demon.”  – Elon Musk

Beyond enhancing the human intellect and physiology, the goal of transhumanism is the expansion of the human physical and mental limitations, in other words, immortality.

Transhumanists believe that technology is the key to immortality. They claim that consciousness can be converted to digital information and become the continuation of self awareness.

The use of exotic technologies may indeed eventually extend the human lifespan. But at what price? AI would cause humans to divorce from their biology,  become dehumanized and turn into Cyborgs.

Artificial Intelligence would then become a new religion, revered as God, resulting in the loss of connection to the real God, the Divine Source.

This is evolution in the wrong direction. True immortality is achieved not by altering the human biology and allowing Artificial Intelligence to take over, but by transcending the human condition through a process of self realization, in which we find our way back to Divine Source, or Oneness.

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