Politics and Media Brainwashing

At first I did not intend to post anything political in this blog, because it is too polarizing, but then I realized I could turn this liability into an asset and use it as an opportunity to shine the light on the brainwashing and manipulation by the Mainstream Media.

The strong emotional reaction many people have to the current political issues is the direct result of brainwashing and propaganda.

When it comes to disinformation, this is where the “rubber meets the road”.

“Divide and Conquer” has always been one of the principal strategies of the ruling class to control the masses. There is power in Unity and weakness in Division.

This is apparent in the deep divisions and polarizations of the society today.

The strong and instant emotional reactions people have to political issues prevent the rational dialog and discussions from taking place, which would be the key for finding the actual solutions.

Building a border wall and immigration has been one of the hot button issues, I am using this topic to make my point.

Driving around town, I noticed signs posted on the local schools fences.

                                       “THIS SCHOOL IS DRUG FREE!”

On the schoolyard of one I often drive by,  I saw the children playing outside.They were really young, 1st and 2nd graders perhaps.

Drug problems in schools is nothing new, but realizing that even children at that young age can be at risk was shocking to me.


I figured the drugs must be coming in through the US/Mexico border, so I did some research.

The data below comes from the US Custom and Border Protection website:


U.S. Border Patrol Drug Seizures ( to August 31, 2017)
FY2012    FY2013    FY2014    FY2015    FY2016    FY2017TD

Cocaine                       12,161      4,696         4,554       11,220       5,473         8,997

Ecstasy                          300            163             20           158            15                 1

Heroin                          430             576            606         518            566             871

Marijuana                  2,299,864  2,430,123 1,922,545 1,538,307 1,294,052 818,438

Methamphetamine   3,715        3,580         3,930      6,443         8,224         9,726

This is only a part of what has been seized and although a huge amount, even more are smuggled into the US, drug cartels make an estimated $19-$29 Billion yearly on drug sales.


In fact, in 2018, enough Fentanyl was seized to kill the entire US population.


Southern California is also a national drug distribution hub:


Along with drugs, human trafficking is also rampant, young women and children used as sex slaves. California has the highest numbers reported:


This is tragic and I don’t see how any reasonable person would not support the idea of controlling the borders.

It is clearly not a Left and Right issue. Protecting our children from drugs and crime is everyone’s concern.

Yet many people are against controlling the borders, because the Media has made it a political issue. This is one example of Brainwashing by the Mainstream Media.

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