Climate change, or not?


When it comes to climate change, what everyone agrees on is that we should listen to the experts. Who should be considered an expert on climate change?

A mechanical engineer? How about a comedian?

Could an Emeritus Professor of Geology with 50 years of experience in teaching and research, working with other distinguished scientists on the field be considered an expert?

Dr. Don Easterbrook has such credentials. He testified before the Senate Environmental Committee, presenting overwhelming evidence that proves man-made climate change is false.
The most common argument for climate change is that 97% of scientists say it is real.

Dr. Easterbrook talks about that at the end of the video,  the data comes from a survey, in which they cherry picked those who said yes.

The actual number was 2%, meaning only 2 percent of scientists believe that man-made climate change is real.

The most publicly well known proponent of climate change is Bill Nye, the “science guy”. Mr. Nye is a mechanical engineer and an ex comedian.

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