The Emasculation of Men, Part 1. Biotechnology

There has been a decades long effort by the Global Elite to feminize men. This covert agenda has been a deliberate attempt to influence human biology without the public's knowledge. One of the ways this has been carried out is by the application of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is defined, as the "exploitation of biochemical processes, especially … Continue reading The Emasculation of Men, Part 1. Biotechnology

3 Reasons for Misinformation on Diet and Nutrition

There are hundreds of diets, science has studied the effects of nutrition on health for at least a century, yet there is much confusion and misinformation in this area, that has such a great impact on people's lives. Some of my own friends and family members who are dedicated to achieve optimal health, express frustration, … Continue reading 3 Reasons for Misinformation on Diet and Nutrition

Plant Based Whole Food Diet

Nearly all of the most commonly occurring diseases - heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases, obesity -  are result of the modern diet, rich in sugar, fat, heavily processed foods and animal based food products. Two third of American adults and one third of children are obese. Half of American adults have … Continue reading Plant Based Whole Food Diet

Which Diet is Best For Me?

In a study, 50 participants were on a Donut only diet for one month, after 30 days all reported significant weight loss, reduced symptoms of depression, diabetes, atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure, better sleep, less stress and increased libido. The groundbreaking study highlights the previously overlooked benefits of trans fats, refined sugar, salt and a range … Continue reading Which Diet is Best For Me?

Inflammation: The Silent Killer.

Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the body. The immune system recognizes pathogens, irritants, foreign substances and damaged cells. It releases white blood cells,  increases circulation and heat, creating an environment, in which the healing process can take place. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation starts rapidly and usually last a … Continue reading Inflammation: The Silent Killer.