“There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

…and if you believe it, you are a brainwashed Trump supporter, a cultist and a domestic terrorist.” This is the message we’ve been seeing in the mainstream media since the presidential election.

When a political party labels its opponents terrorists and extremists, that is an agenda to suppress dissent and create a one party rule to consolidate power. This is something all Americans should be equally concerned about.

Whether, or not the United States is headed down the road to tyranny, is explored in another post. Even if it’s true, that there was no voter fraud, a free and open dialog, diversity of opinions, the freedom of speech are essential in a democracy. Proper discernment is based on familarity with both sides of an issue and the mainstream media only reports one side.

It is important to note, that Americans aren’t as divided along political lines on the question of voter fraud, as the media makes it seem. 70% of Republicans, 40% of Independents and 30% of Democrats = 47% overall, believe that the election was rigged against Donald Trump.

The election fraud was massive, it was committed in so many ways, so many parts of the country and in such amplitude, that has never been seen before. This article describes the main tactics that were employed. .

(1) dead people voted, (2) more people voted, than registered in some states, (3) same people voted several times, (4) ballots printed in China, (5) ballots delivered at night, across state lines, (6) the losing candidate leap frogged ahead in the morning, after counting was “stopped”, (7) election observers denied access to vote counting centers, (8) votes counted after deadline, (9) widespread use of mail-in ballots without signatures, (10) illegal extension of mail-in voter deadlines, (11) voting machines specifically designed for flipping votes, (12) allowing foreign actors to manipulate the results.

Central to the scheme was the changes to mail in ballot rules shortly before the election. The public was told, that this was done protect the people from Covid-19, but it enabled the counting of votes without verification. In Philadelphia, Trump’s lead of 800 000 disappeared, after mail-in ballots were counted without observers.

Election observers prevented from monitoring the vote counting. What did the vote counting center have to hide?

When vote counting stops election night, then next morning, following a late night ballot dump, the losing candidate leap fogs ahead, that is a clear sign of illegal activity. This was seen in Michigan and in Wisconsin.

The vertical line is not normal, that is where the fake ballots were added. Nearly 100% of the ballots were for Biden, a statistical impossibility.

This is why President Trump was leading big, until certain states froze their ballot reporting and when reporting resumed, he started losing steadily. This is how the election was stolen in Mexico in 1988 and it’s why the president of Mexico refused to congratulate Biden.

“In Mexico, 1988, the PRI was losing handily, until ballot returns froze, only to resume in a massive pro-PRI turnaround. Historians describe the election, as one of the most egregious examples of the fraud, that allowed the Institutional Revolutionary Party to control the country for more than seven decades.”

Former politicians chime in:

“There is no question, that this is what’s happening in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit and other cities. In big cities, where they control the political apparatus, that counts the votes and they control the polling places, it’s widespread and it’s deep.”

Rod Blagojevich

In some places, like in Milwaukee, twice as many people “voted”, as registered.

In Pennsylvania, 200 000 more ballots were cast, than people , who voted.

In Los Angeles County, according to the Election Integrity Project California, more than 277 000 questionable ballots were mailed. That’s 63% of questionable ballots mailed statewide.

It includes more than 4,800 duplicate ballots mailed to the same person, and 728 ballots mailed to people who likely have died. In 2016 their investigation found many dead voters still registered. Now four years later, there are more.

A poll watcher was able to take this screenshot, which is showing a list of voters, who were confirmed to have been cast their ballots. [Image deleted from the internet]

All the names listed had their birthdays in the early 1900s.

Hundreds of diseased persons “voted” in Arizona:

SF Express is a Chinese owned courier company. They delivered millions of ballots, printed in China, to polling places on election night. China loves Bejing Biden.

Bobby Pitton, a data analyst testified in front of the Arizona legislature, he pointed out, that 50% out of a sample of 1000 voters were not real people.

This is his letter to the Arizona legislators. Shortly after Twitter suspended his account. Big Tech – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Amazon – are complicit in the cover up.

Bobby Pitton is one of thousands of whistleblowers, that came forward. Many are Democrats, who said they were disgusted with what they saw.

The testimonies were heard over several weeks in a number of battleground states. Portions of the hearings are still posted on social media. The reader is encouraged to listen to these first hand accounts of the eyewittnesses.

Many of these brave citizens have been accused of making up their stories. The public hearings revealed their identities, they have been threatened, attacked, bullied and stand no financial, or any personal gain from coming forward, other than fulfilling their patriotic duty.

An audit in Antrim County, Michigan revealed that votes had been flipped to Biden. Note the difference in vote count at each tabulation:

The audit found: “The Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” And adds, “The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.”

Full report: Antrim Michigan Forensics Report pdf

The audit also claims that Dominion machines have the ability to be connected to the internet, when “the best practice is to disable the network interface card, to avoid connection to the internet.” This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity

The Dominion is one of three companies, that operate tabulating machines in the United States. They are so prone to hacking, that a few years ago even Chicago – considered by many the most corrupt city in the US – refused to use them.

This was reported by CNN, (which at the time did actual reporting)

Dominion uses software and hardware, that was created by the company, Smartmatic in Venezuela, at the order of Hugo Chavez. They were designed specifically for the purpose of switching votes, to ensure the desired outcome of an election.

One whistleblower is a high ranking former official in Venezuela, under the Chavez regime, who saw first hand, how this was done. The following quotes are parts of his affidavit (sworn testimony).

“Chavez was insistent, that Smartmatic design the system in a way, that the system can change the vote for each voter, without being detected. He made it clear, that the system would have to be set up not to leave any evidence of the vote change.”

“After the Smartmatic Electoral System was put in place, I closely observed several elections where the results were manipulated. One such election was in December 2006, when Chavez was running against Manuel Rosales – a margin of nearly 6 Million votes for Chavez vs. 3.7 Million for Rosales.”

“All the computer controlled voting tabulation is done in a closed environment, so that the voter, or any observer can not detect what is taking place. I saw first hand that the manipulation can be done in real time at the secret counting center in Caracas, Venezuela. For me, it was something surprising and disturbing.”

“What happened in the United States was that the vote counting was abruptly stopped in five states using Dominion software. At that time Trump was significantly ahead in the votes. Then during the wee hours in the morning, when the vote reporting was off line, something changed and when counting resumed next morning, there was a pronounced change in favor of Joe Biden.”

Some of our largest states, like Texas and Florida have no problem reporting vote tallies on election night. The far smaller battleground states always take longer and the reason for it is obvious.

Raw data analysis of the IP addresses (shown on the screenshots), revealed that the tabulating machines were hacked and votes flipped to Biden from foreign countries, like China, Italy, Germany, Russia and the Chec Republic.

The data was collected from 2995 counties, over 3 days, before, on and after election day. This is forensic evidence, consisting of thousands of pages, that proves the foreign intrusion into our election.

This is a screenshot of a video, created by cybersecurity experts, showing the origin and the target of the hacks. The map can zoom in, to identify the exact locations. Each line correspond with a line on the data logs.

All in all, it is estimated, that Donald Trump received over 80 Million votes and Biden approximately 65 Million. There are even indications that Trump flipped California to red. | Detailed analysis of the data by cybersecurity experts.

But one doesn’t need to be an insider, a statistician, or a data analyst, to recognize the anomalies. Biden is a career politician, who spent five decades in Washington, with no significant legislative accomplishments to show for. He is so unpopular that he had several of his rallies cancelled due to lack of attendance.

On the other hand, enthusiasm for his opponent, Mr. Trump, was going through the roof. And we are supposed to believe that Biden received more votes, than (at the time) wildly popular President Obama, or any other president in history?

If those, who committed this treasonous act are not held accountable, nothing prevents them from doing it again. That means, we the people no longer have a voice. We must all stand together and demand justice!

4 thoughts on ““There is no Evidence for Election Fraud…

  1. I am convinced that the Biden presidency is not legal. What I want to know is, How can we the people who are taxed to pay the salaries of those responsible, do something about this miscarriage of justice. How do we change this? There is no way that the American people should have to put up with this treasonous act!

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    1. I agree, we shouldn’t put up with it Robert. The problem. is too many people are brainwashed by the media. Change will happen, when majority of the population demands change.
      A high enough percentage of the public a “critical mass”, needs to become aware of the lies and deception. In one word, the solution to the problem is information, people need to be exposed to real news and content that helps them develop that awareness.
      That’s why I’m doing this.

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  2. You have been exposed
    We know your lies
    you reek of guilt
    the lives you crushed
    the blood you’ve spilt
    driven by your affliction
    the desire for power
    the unquenchable addiction
    the more you get
    the more you crave
    ready to destroy
    all in your way
    But now your time has come
    the veil has been lifted
    there is nowhere to hide
    all who see you
    WE know your crime
    you will carry this with you
    till the end of your time

    May God have mercy on your soul!


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