Pro-life, or Pro-choice?

The debates on the most enduring social issue of our times have just been re-ignited, with the recent passage of the Pro-life abortion bill in Alabama, resulting in the expected disagreements and disunity among the general population and social media users .

This is the first time I thought about this, based on what I learned so far, my position is pro-choice, with time limitation at the third semester.

The abortion debate provides plenty of opportunities for demonstrating misinformation and deception, which are the main focus of my blog. With the following two examples, I attempt to reveal, that there is more, than meets the eye.

Oregon is the most liberal of the blue states, when it comes to abortion. It is the only state, that has no Pro-life laws, abortion is legal in all 9 months. Insurance companies are mandated by the state, to cover the costs, with no co-payments, or deductible.

In 1969, Oregon was the first state to legalize abortion. Pro-choice folks applaud Oregonians, for their courage to stand up for women’s right to choose.

But something else also happened in the 60’s. Portland started enacting policies to push blacks out of the city, by acquiring large tracts of land for development in the Northeast and Southeast parts of the city, where a high concentration black residents lived.

This was nothing new in the state. In 1844, the “Black Exclusion Law” had been created, that literally outlawed blacks from living in Oregon!

Minorities are affected by abortion disproportionately more, especially African Americans. A black woman is 3.5 times more likely to abort, than a white woman.

Since the 1973 landmark decision, 19 Million black fetuses have been aborted in the US. If it wasn’t for Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, (most of which are located in low income neighborhoods), the African-American population would be double in the United States today!

So the question that begs asking:

Have liberal states, like Oregon enacted abortion laws to really protect women’s right to choose, or is this the continuation of Margaret Sanger’s highly successful eugenics program against Black Americans, masquerading as “choice”?

This is a typical pro-choice meme, being circulated on Facebook. Its content suggests, that pro life men would prefer keeping the baby, even if their wive’s pregnancy was the result of rape. It implies, that pro lifers in general don’t respect women’s rights.

While statistics on this aren’t easy to find, of what I’ve seen so far, nearly 80% of pro lifers consider pregnancies, due to rape and incest exceptions. In other words, they are pro choice in those cases. Hence, the meme is misleading.

Facebook employs hundreds of operatives, (if not thousands), whose job is to pretend they are on one, or the other side of an issue. They work full time to design information to elicit strong emotional reaction among social media users polarize the population.

To add to my previous point, if pro-choice folks saw the actual abortion procedure, which is very bloody by the third semester, when the fetus is nearly fully grown, I would venture to say, that many of them would decide to place a time limit on abortions.

Even just looking at the tools that are used, I feel sorry for both the mother and the baby.


One thought on “Pro-life, or Pro-choice?

  1. Welcome back Laszlo, sorry to hear that you were in hospital I will be praying for your recovery.
    THE ABORTION ISSUE: As with everything I am open to having a discussion on News and issues that face our Nation and I am open to hearing the lefts take on any issue. The biggest problem I have with my discussions with people that are on the left is when they curse, name call, are disrespectful or discount me because of my skin color or sex. One of the movie I watch over the last month was “Unplanned”. This movie is about Abby Johnson (an ex-clinic director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas). Watching this movie and listening to YouTube video of Abby Johnson can give you a lot of information about Planned Parenthood and Abortion. THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN BANNED IN CANADA . IN THE US ALL THE MOVIE PROMOTERS WOULD NOT TOUCH IT, so it disappeared for screens fast, but I got to see it in a theater. The ban is because is going against the leftist opinion. It is NOTHING to do with the movie being to violent, having bad language or nudity. In Ireland (where I am from) we had an Abortion referendum in 1983. The Catholic Church came out strong against abortion. My feeling I thing is similar to a lot of pro lifers where we would only be for abortion in the cases of incest, rape or if the mother’s life is in danger. I feel precautions and education need to be a focus to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The choices need to be made before sex. Having sex outside marriage is a decision and a choice and can lead to pregnancy. When a pro choice women is deciding to make a choice to end her pregnancy, many times that choice is to end a babies life. They can call it a fetus but that does not distract us from know that is a living human. Please watch the movie and tell me what you think?


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